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Still here, just busy

October came and went and I literally did not have time to document any of it the way I would have liked to. There have been many times in the last {almost} 6 years where I felt like I was impossibly busy. I kind of was, but I have learned in the last 3 months what busy really is, and particularly the last month. More than once, we've broken and tied our old records for the number of medical appointments in one day and in one week. Not something I'd recommend trying. I've had to let things go that made me really sad to have to let go, like attending some of my older kids' school events. So much of my time and energy has been demanded by our new "adventure" that I have had to make a lot of sacrifices, and so have Donny and the kids. The things I've still been able to do have not been up to the standard I'd like them to be at. For lack of better term, everything I've done for the last month (or really 3) has been pretty half-assed because that'…