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The results of our California trip

We got home from our trip to LA 10 days ago, and I'm just now finding the time and the mental & emotional energy to write about the results that came from the testing. I am happy to say that thanks to all of the prayers on our behalf and a lot of preparation ahead of time, the actual trip itself went very well. It was not the same kind of exhausting that our last motility testing trip was and I am truly grateful for everyone who was praying for us. I have no doubt that we were watched over and that we were strengthened through the prayers of others.

The testing itself probably could not have gone any better than it did. She had an endoscopy first thing in the morning that day and the inside of her stomach and duodenum looked perfect. There were no signs of gastritis, erosion, ulceration, or the kind of damage that comes with eosinophilic disorders. There was no narrowing of the pylorus, and structurally, everything looked perfect. That was all good news that I was happy to he…

Manometry and motility testing

We returned home a week ago from our second and final experience with antroduodenal manometry testing (aka AD manometry). The first time we had it done, I was still very new to everything we were experiencing and hadn't had the time to wrap my head around all of it so I felt like a lot of it went over my head. I have spent nearly 5 years now trying to learn everything I can and trying to understand how the digestive system works, and how Raya's digestive system works. I've learned a lot in 5 years, both from experience and from textbooks, so I thought I would share what our experience was like for round 2 of manometry testing in the hopes that it will help someone else be more prepared going into motility testing.

(Our first experience was at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio in 2010. Read about it here and here.)

Here are a few key words to help this make sense:
*motility- the way that food and liquids move through the digestive tract
*dysmotility- prob…

Our trip to CHLA

It's amazing how much I have to say about something that only took 3 days. I have preliminary results but I haven't gotten the final report from the motility specialist yet so I'll save that part for another post. This post will be the story part and the nitty-gritty stuff will come later. :)

Our trip started at 4:00 Tuesday morning when I dragged myself out of bed to pump one more time before leaving. (Thank goodness for a baby that takes bottles!) Speaking of bottles, I chugged a bottle of this on the way to the airport:
I'm not much of a soda drinker and I normally pace myself but I was pretty sure that the TSA would not agree with me about Mtn Dew being a medically necessary liquid. It totally is.

We had checked in online and printed our boarding passes, and we weren't checking any bags, so we went straight to the security checkpoint. I hadn't connected her to the feeding pump yet so that made it really easy to get through security with all of our liquids.…