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Thankful. {ramblings about insurance and such}

We have so much to be thankful for, and I have spent the past week consciously focusing on being grateful and happy. Not that I'm not always grateful or happy, but it seems like there is always a never-ending list of grown-up responsibilities waiting for me, and as long as there are pending items on that list (especially anything dealing with money, bills, or Raya), it's hard for me to be able to relax. It is difficult at times to not let "life" steal my happy. The busier I get, the harder it is to slow down and just be happy. I feel like the past 2 months have gone by so fast that I haven't been able to enjoy anything so I really needed to just slow down and breathe.

Last week, the list was pretty long and it was all stuff with imminently pending deadlines, the most important of which being our open enrollment for next year's health insurance. We had a 2 week window to complete the open enrollment process in and I couldn't even bring myself to look at a…

So far behind that I can't catch up

If I try to actually write about everything that's happened since I last posted almost a month ago, I will never catch up so here's a month's worth of pictures.

We were supposed to go out of state for motility testing the first week of November, but we ended up having to reschedule it for several reasons. The two biggest being that she had a cough and would not have been able to have anesthesia while she had an upper respiratory infection with a cough, and because there was a death in the family and we spent the entire day before we would have been leaving town at the funeral services. Combined with all of the stress (and it was a LOT of stress) over the drama with Raya's preschool eligibility status (i.e. the psychologist trying to trick me into consenting re-evaluation now vs in the spring when it actually needs to be done which could have resulted in Raya getting booted out of preschool as of Thanksgiving), I just did not have it in me to do an out-of-state medical …