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Why I haven't posted anything this week

1. busy filing a claim with secondary insurance from an urgent care visit over the summer at an urgent care where her primary insurance is not accepted but secondary is, but since primary insurance denied the claim, they refused to bill secondary so now I'm having to do it for them and hope that the secondary insurance takes me seriously since nobody there seemed to think it was kosher for a patient to file a claim

2. trying to convince school district that October is too early to do a 3 year reevaluation (never mind that it's only been 2 years) for the kindergarten transition process, which, if she happened to not score within the qualifying range, she would be booted out of preschool as of Thanksgiving, and to convince them that we do not in fact HAVE to do said reevaluation prior to the IEP meeting that is due at the end of the month, and should actually do the IEP meeting first and wait until February or March to do the reevaluation

3. trying to stay on top of making sure the hospital in LA is sending prior auth requests, insurance companies are receiving prior auth requests and granting authorizations, figuring out how we're getting to LA, how many of us are going, where we'll stay if Ronald McDonald House doesn't have a room for us (which we will not know until we get there), flip-flopping back and forth about whether we're doing the right thing by doing motility testing again even though I know we need to do it, stressing about what to do with the other kids while we're gone even though a friend has already said they could stay with her and she'll get them off to school for us, and trying to picture how we will manage having Piper at the hospital with us but knowing that I can't bring myself to leave her home

4. I'm leaving a week from yesterday to go to the NASPGHAN conference to help run the booth for the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation (which I'm VERY excited about!!), so I have to hurry and get all of my "in case I get hit by a bus" information compiled for Donny so he is up to date on everything that needs to be done with Raya and Piper while I'm gone for 3 days
*NASPGHAN=North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition

5. trying REALLY hard not to lose my milk supply (thank you, stress...)

6. still trying to get Raya some kind of counseling/behavioral health evaluation like the developmental pediatrician recommended to help her deal with her anxiety (which has gotten exponentially worse in the last month or so, thank you, hospital) and WISHING that the people at school could see what it's like to try and get her to function at all when she's stressed out or doesn't want to do something

7. trying not to panic over any of the above items or develop any new stress-related ulcers

8. Halloween is 2 weeks from tomorrow and nobody has costumes

9. Dinner?? Didn't I just feed you guys yesterday??

10. dealing with a little girl who has not felt good since her last GJ tube change and has the behavior and poor sleep habits to prove it (and I'm not talking about naughty kid behavior, I'm talking about the coping behaviors that help her deal with how her body is feeling)

11. prescription copay reimbursement forms that have been waiting to be filled out & mailed for a long time now, which is only necessary because the mail order pharmacy our primary insurance requires us to use refuses to bill her secondary insurance like they're supposed to, so we have to pay upfront and get reimbursed (not that I'm complaining about having such wonderful insurance coverage, it's just that I kind of have enough to do already)

12. trying to find a behavioral health provider that accepts both of her insurances so we can try to get her some counseling for her anxiety, which is proving to be absolutely maddening.

So yeah. I'm a little maxed out right now. I am feeling like I'm spread way too thin but there's not much I can do about it. I mailed off the insurance claim yesterday and have drafted an email for the school psychologist, but I can't send it until I have someone read it to make sure I have worded it effectively. (and can I just say that it really sucks to feel like you're walking on eggshells and if you make one wrong move or say one word wrong, your kid might end up getting kicked out of preschool)

And also I kind of feel like this:

Yeah. I just don't want to.


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