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I could write another post about the parts of life that have been difficult lately (and there have been plenty) but I'd rather talk about how gosh darn funny my girl can be. Funny is a lot more fun than the other stuff. I wish I could adequately explain how funny Raya is. She is constantly in motion, constantly talking, constantly busy, and I'm pretty sure her mind runs a thousand miles a minute. I'm sure all of this is funnier to me than it is when I try to retell the stories without the benefit of people being able to see her in action, but at least I will remember the stories if I write them down. :)

Last night (and the wee hours of this morning) was classic Raya at her funniest. For dinner last night, we had quinoa-corn pasta with a jarred spaghetti sauce that Raya can eat. I also made some sautee'd mushrooms & zucchini and cooked them in the margarine Raya is able to eat. (totally not the same, and definitely not as good as using real butter but oh well) We've been doing more meals lately that she is able to eat at least some of, and she loves that.

Dinnertime is always Raya's craziest time of day when she just cannot stop moving and kind of drives everybody crazy. She helped set the table and we all sat down to eat. When I scooped Raya's food into her bowl, she gasped dramatically and said, "Wait, Mommy, you mean I get to eat NOODLES?! *hee hee hee* I LOVE noodles! Thank you, Mommy!!" She has been extremely fidgety lately, so she wiggled the entire time that she ate. But she ATE. She loved it! She even ate the small piece of mushroom I had put in her bowl because I told her that if she dipped it in the spaghetti sauce, it would taste like a little meatball. She put it in her mouth and bit into it but then she made a gaggy face. She surprised me though and ate it anyway.

The noodles weren't really as big as they look in the picture. :) She didn't touch the zucchini and since she did so good eating everything else, I didn't make her. She did have a bite of a canary melon (bright yellow on the outside, pale white-ish on the inside, tastes somewhere between cantaloupe and honeydew) but she didn't like it and spit it out.

I was a little worried that she would be sick later in the evening because she had eaten half a potato at breakfast, the other half at feeding therapy, and also ate 2 small strawberries and 2 grapes at feeding therapy. As I suspected, she woke up crying at 9:00. I could hear her refluxing but she laid back down and went back to sleep when I came in to give her the night doses of her medicines so I left her pump on anyway.

At 3:30 this morning, her pump beeped that the dose was done so I got up and turned it off. As I was disconnecting the extension from her button, she sat up and gave me a hug and kiss and then laid back down. I went in the living room to pump (because baby sister doesn't nurse so I'm pumping 5-6 times a day still). A couple minutes later, I heard Raya's door squeak and she came down the hallway. With one arm outstretched and a soggy pull-up dangling from her hand, she tiptoed across the room and said to me in a loud whisper, "I'm just going to take care of this, Mommy. It was all wet. And my bed is just a little bit wet too so you'll have to take care of that in the morning. Good night, Mommy." and off she went back down the hallway to her room. The way her little bedhead ponytail bounced around on the top of her head put the whole package over the top and made me giggle.

A minute or two later, she showed up carrying one blanket and one small stuffed animal, which was rather out of character for her. Normally she's carrying 3 blankets and 5 or 6 small stuffed animals. (not kidding) She was still speaking in her loud whisper, which in and of itself cracks me up. I don't remember exactly what she said that time but she did tell me that she didn't want to go back to sleep in her bed, but not because it was a little bit wet, just because she gets a little scared in her room.

She sat on the couch next to me for the next 15 minutes and chattered at me in her loud whisper voice. When I finished pumping, I told her I was going to bed and told her she could either get back in her bed or lay on the floor next to my bed. She gathered up a few more of her things from her room and we got her all settled in next to my bed. Or so I thought. By this time, it was about 4:15 and she was WIDE awake I heard her rustling around right next to me and asked her what she was doing. She said in her loud whisper, "I just needed a drink so I'm drinking your water." I told her to go get her own water from the kitchen because the water bottle she found under my bed was old and yucky. She left and then the next thing I knew, it was 15 minutes later and she hadn't come back. I dozed off again for a few seconds and then she reappeared in our room. This was our conversation (in loud whispers, which is what made it funny):

Me: Raya, why aren't you laying down by my bed? You need to go back to sleep.
Raya: I changed my mind. I don't want to sleep in your room. I want to sleep in Ashtyn's bed.
Me: Why are you standing in my room then?
Raya: Because Ashtyn's in my spot and she won't move.
Me: Um, what do you mean she's in your spot? It's HER bed.
Raya: Yeah but she's in MY spot and I don't want to lay at the other end of the bed. (*makes yuck face*) I want to lay in MY spot.
Me: Well, you're just going to have to lay in a different spot. Go to bed.
Raya: *hee hee* It's okay, Mommy, I'll just go wake her up and tell her to move.
Me: (*shouting in a loud whisper*) Raya, NO! You may NOT wake her up at 4:30 in the morning and tell her to move so you can lay in "your spot" in HER bed! Just go lay in a DIFFERENT spot in her bed!

At that point, Donny was waking up to go to the gym before work and he told her to get back in bed or else. He was not amused. I, on the other hand, was highly amused. I thought it was rather hilarious, actually.

Cole and Kaida were up early, as always, but since Raya had been awake for about an hour starting at 3am, she slept in. Ashtyn slept a little later too. When she woke up, I asked her how she had slept. (I made the other 3 kids sleep in Cole & Raya's room so Ashtyn could have one night of peace & quiet all to herself) She said she slept great until about 4:30 when Raya woke her up and told her to move. She thought it was funny too. She's good like that. :)

We are a little more than halfway through summer break already and it has gone by fast. I always cringe when July comes because we've had some really craptastic Julys in the past so I am hoping and praying that we have a nice, gentle July. Donny has some long weekends coming up and the big kids are going to a karate tournament next weekend, so we have some fun things planned. It's getting hotter, and that can make it a little harder to get out and do things. Even going swimming worries me a little because Piper really doesn't like being in the water but it's too hot to sit around the pool and not get in the water. It will get hotter before it gets cooler but I really have not felt like it's been THAT bad yet, and in spite of the rough moments, I am truly enjoying summer break with my kids. We are learning and growing through the activities we've been involved in, which was our motto for this summer. One of the things we're learning is how to be patient with each other. As sweet and kind as the big kids are (and try to be) it takes a lot of patience to spend every waking hour with a darling 4 year old who seems to have boundless energy and has gone back to being a sensory seeker in a big way. As a result, I am also learning how to give the big kids space from that when they need it, and that is hard and takes a lot of energy on my part. Energy is hard to come by when you never sleep for more than 4 hours at a time and have a household of 7 people to manage and a lot of things have kind of gone by the wayside for now. (hence the lack of blogging and the unmopped floors, dirty bathroom countertops, and unvacuumed bedrooms, etc.) BUT, we're alive and happy and that's what matters. :)

Raya & Kaida at a birthday party. Notice that Raya was eating the grapes WITH skins on.

Making Piper's toy moose bark. Because that's totally the sound a moose makes, right? ;)

Enjoying Daddy's birthday dinner. :)
Posing for me at swimming lessons.


  1. What tape are you using to protect her tubie from the water? I don't usually tape my son's because it just doesn't work. But the water does make him red for a day or two so I would rather cover it if possible.

    1. We've been experimenting with several different options trying to find something that's waterproof but so far, none of them have kept water out completely. I will be testing out a couple more things next week & plan on doing a blog post once I'm done. In the picture, I had used Glad Press & Seal Wrap and used tape to keep the edges down but I think I needed different tape. It did actually do a pretty decent job but a little bit of water still got in.


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