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Like a car in desperate need of a tune-up

You know how sometimes you can tell when your car is due for an oil change? Nothing is blaringly wrong but you kind of feel like it's not running at peak performance. That's how Raya has been for a few weeks now. February was just flat out rough after having that hospital-worthy UTI and a week of high fevers, followed a couple weeks later by a cold. All of that took some time to recover from. Then she had a good week or so in March and then got a teensy little stuffy nose and all of a sudden her stomach shut down. Not completely, but to the point where she could no longer tolerate the 2 hour long, 8 oz bolus feeds and has been on 16 hour a day continuous feeds since then. After we slowed her feeds down, she did great for about a month. She was eating more often, eating more food at a time, and just generally doing well. She had lost 22 ounces between February and March so we increased her total calories from 1100 to 1250, and I stopped counting food calories and subtracting th…

Our busy month of May

I started a blog post about our girls' night at the end of April while the boys were camping but then my life got ridiculously busy and my computer started its steady decline until it became pretty much completely useless, so I didn't have access to the pictures from our fun night. I will finish that one soon though. The last month or so has been just downright exhausting. Between the lack of sleep and all the craziness of the end of the school year, I've been doing what I had to do to get by and not much more. Here is a brief summary of the last month:

This is what you get when you ask a 4 year old how she wants her hair done for school.
This is how the conversation went: Me: How do you want your hair today? R: I want a ponytail and a braid.
Me: Um, okay, so you want me to do a ponytail and then braid it?
*puts hair in ponytail*
R: No, I want a ponytail and a braid.
Me: Okay, it's in a ponytail. Do you want me to braid it now?
R: NO, I want a ponytail AND a braid! …

Still here......barely

In case anybody is still reading this poor, neglected blog, we are still here. Life has been very, very busy, i'm not getting enough sleep, my darling fifth child likes to be held all the time, Raya has had a really rough couple of weeks, and my computer is dying. It is also the end of the school year so there have been a few little incidents this past week with big projects being due and children forgetting about then or not realizing that the due date was upon them, so yeah, not much time for blogging. I will be back soon though. In other news, this sweet little thing is 3 months old today. *sniff sniff* it's going WAY too fast.