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Miss Sassypants goes to the dentist

I wish dentists had been as cool when I was a little kid as they are now. There was no such thing as "pediatric dentistry" where I grew up. We just went to a regular dentist that had one of those wire bead maze things in the waiting room and a prize drawer for when you were done. There was no tv in the ceiling to watch while you were sitting in the chair. Oh, but there was a poster of a cat with a mohawk pinned to the ceiling though. Because that's super entertaining when you're a little kid and have somebody's hands in your mouth, right?

My kids are lucky and they go to a really cool pediatric dentistry practice. There's a movie theater room and video game consoles in the waiting room. The room where they get their teeth cleaned has TVs in the ceiling above all the little bed thingies and there are also TVs in the corners of the room. There are 3 more video game consoles, buckets of toys, and books. The staff is also very laid back and patient with the level of energy and noise that comes along with a room full of kids getting their teeth cleaned and playing video games. When they're done, they get 2 tokens to put in the prize machines. I wish I could get my teeth cleaned there. It's way more fun than my dentist's office.

Yesterday's trip to the dentist went more smoothly than I thought it would considering that it was the first time I've had to take all 5 kids somewhere like that. Ashtyn and Cole went first, which meant that Raya and Kaida got to sit in the theater room and watch Frozen while they waited. I have somehow managed to avoid seeing that movie so far and up until about a month ago, I had never heard the song either. Totally made up for that yesterday though. I think I heard it about 4 times just while we were at the dentist's office.

When it was Kaida and Raya's turn, I went back with them. I think the staff must think I'm a total helicopter mom when it comes to Raya but I'd rather not have her gag & vomit on them or flop herself off of the table onto the floor while she's getting her teeth cleaned and I like to think they'd rather not have those things happen either. Kaida went first so Raya got to play video games with the big kids for a few minutes. Bless her heart, Kaida is 6 1/2 years old and has yet to get a loose tooth. She'll probably lose all of them at once. Frozen was the movie playing on the TVs in the ceiling so when the "Let It Go" song came on again, Raya could hear it but she couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I couldn't help but laugh at her because she had been in the middle of something but stopped as soon as she heard the song and was looking all around trying to figure out where it was coming from. I pointed to the TV in the ceiling above Kaida and Raya thought it was hilarious that there was a TV in the ceiling. She and a couple other little girls that were waiting for their turns to get teeth cleaned all started singing along and dancing. The dentist got a good laugh out of that when he walked in. :)

Raya just keeps getting better and better at getting her teeth cleaned. This was her best visit yet. She didn't gag even once, and didn't even get the look on her face that makes me wonder if she's about to. She did just about flop herself on the floor once because she's so wiggly but maybe next time I won't have to stand right next to her while she gets them cleaned. They gave her some sunglasses to wear while they had the light on above her head because as soon as the hygienist turned it on, Raya's face got all splotchy and her eyes got watery and she wouldn't stop rubbing them. She can't stand having light in her face. After that, she was ready to get down to business. She giggled the whole time she was getting them cleaned because she said it was tickly. She even got her molars cleaned without gagging!

She has been so sassy lately. Not in a disrespectful way, just in a spunky personality kind of way. She had a little bit of staining on the back of her bottom front teeth so the hygienist got out the scaler and mirror and started cleaning it off. Raya said (while the lady's hands & tools were in her mouth), "Um I need you to stop, I have to tell you something." The hygienist took the tools out of her mouth and Raya propped herself up on one elbow and turned to look at her. She said, "Um, you touched my tongue with that thing." I think it kind of took the hygienist off guard and she apologized and said she'd be more careful with the mirror. I resisted the urge to tell Raya that the lady was just doing her job and she'd have to deal with the mirror touching her tongue because she was very polite when she said it. It's a good thing for her to be able to speak up when she's uncomfortable too so I suppose as long as she's not rude about it, I can let it go. ;)

I had my doubts about her being able to handle having cold water squirted in her mouth to rinse the polish off of her teeth but she handled that really well too. The hygienist did a good job of not getting too much water in her mouth at once and Raya did a good job of staying calm and following directions.

After her cleaning was done, the dentist came in to look at her teeth. She was distracted at first by the movie and by the dentist asking her if she was the one singing along with the song and apparently didn't realize he was going to look in her mouth. He started poking at her teeth and she stopped him and said, "Hey! She already DID my teeth!" Oh, this girl! We all chuckled a little and told her that the dentist needed to look at them too but he wasn't going to do anything to them and she laid back down and let him do what he needed to do. I think Raya's medical history has given her a different outlook than most kids have towards doctors & medical professionals. Most kids are somewhat intimidated by them or at least have somewhat of a revere for their status. Raya has lost that. If she ever had it. She used to be scared to death of all of them but once she got past the vomiting phase, she went to the other extreme. She tells it like it is now. :)

All of the kids made it out with no cavities and can't wait until it's time to go back.


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