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An evening out with my darlings

This past Friday night, Donny and Cole went camping with our brother-in-law and nephew so it was just us girls at home. (just the 5 of us. out of 7. ha ha.) I decided to make it a fun and special night for my girls. When I was growing up, there was pretty much one night a year that my dad and brothers went out of town. Being a dairy farmer kind of ties a person down. When they were able to get away, they went to "Fathers' and Sons' Outing" for church and while all of the men were gone, we would get together with some of our friends and have girls' night. I have some really great memories from those parties! We would eat delicious homemade Mexican food (which we did NOT eat at my house because my dad didn't like it) and watch musicals and spend the evening playing with our friends.

Donny picked Cole up early from school on Friday and they packed the car and headed for the hills.
Raya watched something on Netflix while Piper and I took a much needed rest on the couch and we waited for the big girls to get home from school. Through the screen door, I could hear Kaida bawling like her little heart was broken before they even got into the house. I asked her what she was crying about and she said, "I miss Bubba!" Poor little thing. :) I told them all to put on whatever clothes they were going to wear for girls' night so we could get the party started and that cheered her up a little.

I wanted it to be special for each of them so I let them decide on what we did for the evening. Ashtyn really wanted to watch a musical so I gladly agreed to that. They all wanted to have dinner from a restaurant so I let them decide whether we went out or got takeout and gave them a couple places to choose from. Raya really wanted to have a dance party in the living room, and they all wanted to paint their nails.

We all got dressed and they all came in my bathroom to get their hair brushed. I surprised them by offering to let them all wear lipstick to dinner. They all picked matching lipstick and I even put eyeshadow and blush on Ashtyn & Kaida, who by that point had totally forgotten about how sad she was that Cole was gone for the night. We hopped in the car and headed to a little Chinese food place down the road. And of course since it was girls' night, we had to blast the radio and sing along!
Before we left the house, I had tried to get Raya to decide on what food she wanted to bring to eat at the restaurant. She turned me down on everything I offered and said she didn't want anything. Her stomach has been bothering her a lot lately and she hasn't been taking snacks to school so I figured she just wasn't hungry. When we got to the restaurant, she told me she just wanted food from the restaurant, not from home. Oops. There was NOTHING on their menu she could have. She ended up eating some ice, Splenda, and licking a little bit of 2 Dum Dum suckers. She also grabbed and ate a fried wonton chip before I even saw that she had it. Once she'd eaten a bite of it, I figured what the heck, she might as well finish it. She had already gotten into and eaten Ritz crackers the day before. I hate being the bad guy all the time when it comes to policing her food intake. This time, I actually let her choose. I told her that the food she was eating had wheat in it and would make her stomach hurt but that it was her choice if she wanted to eat something that would make her sick or not. 

After dinner, which did not last long thanks to Raya being sad about not getting to order food and Piper waking up and crying, we went to a little grocery store on the corner and picked out some dessert. I chose that store because I knew they had some of the SO Delicious brand ice cream bars that Raya can have. She picked out the vanilla ice cream bars and the other girls and I picked out a chocolate silk pie with an Oreo crust. We blasted the radio again on the way home and then got ready for our dance par-tay.

At first, Raya was not into it. She was really sleepy all of a sudden and didn't want to do anything but lay on the couch.
After she saw Kaida and Ashtyn dancing, she found some energy and joined them. It probably also helped that I unplugged her from her pump.

Here are a few pictures from the dance party:

wow, I have long, skinny, white arms, don't I

Then it was on to the next portion of the evening: pedicures and a musical!
Piper was not a fan.

We had a slumber party in the living room and it was a great evening! Sometimes I feel like 4 girls is a lot of girls (and heaven help me in their teenage years) but I sure do love my girlies!


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