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An evening out with my darlings

This past Friday night, Donny and Cole went camping with our brother-in-law and nephew so it was just us girls at home. (just the 5 of us. out of 7. ha ha.) I decided to make it a fun and special night for my girls. When I was growing up, there was pretty much one night a year that my dad and brothers went out of town. Being a dairy farmer kind of ties a person down. When they were able to get away, they went to "Fathers' and Sons' Outing" for church and while all of the men were gone, we would get together with some of our friends and have girls' night. I have some really great memories from those parties! We would eat delicious homemade Mexican food (which we did NOT eat at my house because my dad didn't like it) and watch musicals and spend the evening playing with our friends.

Donny picked Cole up early from school on Friday and they packed the car and headed for the hills.
Raya watched something on Netflix while Piper and I took a much needed rest on the c…

Another apology to Target

Yesterday was.........special. Yeah, we'll go with that. It started out fairly normal with one exception. Usually Raya is not the first one up and she's not the one that's bouncing off the walls crazy in the morning. Usually Cole is the one that's being shushed all morning long to keep him from waking up whoever is still trying to sleep (i.e. Piper or occasionally Raya) and from antagonizing everybody else. Not that my sweet son would ever antagonize his sisters. Yesterday it was role reversal day or something though, because Raya was giggly, rowdy and noisy all morning while the big kids were getting ready for school. In an effort to get a little bit more sleep after they left, I put on one of the 2 long episodes of Backyardigans for Raya and went back to sleep on the couch with Piper. Donny had a late shift yesterday so he left at 9:30 and I decided to get the girls ready and go to Target to get some things Donny & Cole need for their campout this weekend. That w…

A glimpse into the mind of a medical mom

A few years ago, I went on a little road trip to the Grand Canyon with my mom, a dear friend, and the 2 kids we had at the time. We left in the early afternoon and drove to the South Rim. In order to get to the hotel where we'd be staying the night, we had to enter the park, drive for a while, and then turn south to exit the park and get to the hotel. By the time we got to the park entrance, it was well past dusk and all we could see was the road in front of us and the trees that were illuminated by the headlights on either side of the road. Although some of the sharp twists & turns in the road made me a little nervous, I felt comfortable driving the road in the dark and was enjoying the ride with my family. We arrived safely at our hotel and settled in for the night.

The next morning, we set out to explore the trails on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. With a 4 year old and a 2 year old, things were a bit nerve wracking at times as we held onto them for dear life and c…

Tender moments with Great-Grandpa

Monday night was a very special night for Donny's family. His grandpa turned 102 years old and the family got together to celebrate. He lives in a really wonderful home where the owners always do a great job of celebrating the important events in their residents' lives. We love any excuse to get together with Donny's extended family!

The party was winding down and everybody was starting to leave. The people that were left started cleaning up the tables & chairs and a few of us were still standing around talking. I looked around the room to find Raya, who had been ridiculously full of energy the whole time we were there, and saw her bouncing across the room towards her great-grandpa. She was off in her own little world and was singing to herself when she suddenly stopped singing and popped up on the couch next to Great-Grandpa's chair. She must have thought he looked bored because she seemed to decide that he needed to be entertained. Once he noticed her sitting the…

A few pictures from the last week

Things have been really busy the last week. I say that a lot, don't I. Really though, I felt like I didn't have 5 minutes to sit down and breathe last week. It was a good week though.

I made my first full grocery shopping trip with my new little buddy:

 The big kids helped out with the little one so I could get things done here and there. (like use the bathroom and wolf down a snack every now and then)

Raya's respite provider got food poisoning and canceled on a day that I really needed the help, so my very sweet friend Dana came over to snuggle Piper and entertain Raya so I could get things done.

Piper FINALLY decided that she can handle a few minutes in the swing every now and then, which is a HUGE help since she almost always cries unless she's being held, and she doesn't usually sleep unless she's being held.

She is also giving us some big, beautiful smiles once in a while now:

I finally filed our taxes. Whew. I submitted them on the 10th, which is official…