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Weight check woes

Raya had a weight check yesterday due to the fact that she had lost a couple ounces between GI appointments when we saw her doctor a month ago. My optimism about this weight check went out the window a week & a half ago when she got a runny nose and her motility suddenly tanked and we couldn't feed her the usual amount of formula for about 4 days but I didn't think it would be quite as bad as it was.

Well, if you ask Raya, it was the best appointment ever. She loves going there because everybody knows her and they all talk to her so she feels like a little celebrity. Heck, I usually feel like I'm just part of her entourage when we go there. :) They spoil her rotten at that clinic too. Last time she got to pick 2 toys from the secret toy closet. Yesterday when we were checking in, we ran into her GI doctor and Raya chatted with her about what food she had eaten at feeding therapy. I love seeing Raya interact so happily with her GI. She is a really sweet woman and she loves Raya, and Raya loves her too! Right after that, the GI doctor's nurse came walking out and started talking to Raya. While I was checking in, she said, "Raya, come with me. I have something for you!" They went back where the surgery clinic is and came out a minute or two later and Raya had the cutest little stuffed animal. It looks like a cupcake and when you pull on the top of it, a cute puppy pops out of the little cupcake wrapper-looking thing. Super cute. Then her preschool teacher from last year just happened to be walking through the waiting room and came over to say hello to Raya. After that, one of our favorite medical assistants came out to get us for the weight check. That was the not so good part. :/

At her last GI appointment, she weighed 15.2 kg. That was down from 15.3 kg at the appointment before. At her neurology appointment 2 weeks ago, she was weighed fully clothed and the scale said 14.3 kg. I laughed it off thinking something was wrong with their scale but apparently it wasn't. Yesterday's weight (sans clothing) was 14.7 kg. Since she was 14.3 fully clothed 2 weeks ago, goodness knows how low she actually got but the bottom line is that she lost at least 22 ounces and maybe more. That's the most she's EVER lost (that I can remember anyway), let alone in just a month and I cringe to think how long it might take us to get that much weight back on her. The nurse told me not to stress about it because she was sick and a kid like Raya can easily lose 2 pounds from an illness. On the bright side, she grew 2 cm in the last month and is up to 101 cm now. She's looking long & lean these days!
Balancing at OT yesterday

While I was getting Raya dressed, her nurse came in and brought her a very nice, handmade quilt that had been donated by a local group. She said they had donated 20 quilts and she picked out one with purple monkeys on it because she thought it fit Raya's personality. :)
After that we had planned on going to a friend's house but that ended up not working out, plus I was pretty stinkin' tired from having been up with Piper at night and taking Raya to OT and feeding therapy, so we went home and I let Raya snuggle on the couch with her new things and watch a movie. I was rather proud of myself last night because even though all I wanted to do at that point was take a nap, I got Piper taken care of and she stayed happy long enough for me to cook a really good dinner for the first time in probably 2 months. Food has been a hard thing for me the past few months. We had pork chops, asparagus, and red potatoes and the kids wolfed it down. Even Kaida had 3 helpings of pork chops. That means I did awesome because she usually doesn't eat much. Donny went back to work Monday after having 4 glorious weeks off, and yesterday was a late shift so I was on my own for the whole after school through bed time hours. We all survived and I only yelled once. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't patting myself on the back by the time the kids went to bed. Today was another very busy but productive day and I would also be lying if I said that I wasn't excited about not having any appointments tomorrow!

Today I took Raya to school and then came home, fed Piper & pumped (since she's still not able to nurse), and then it was time to go to the big kids' school to see Ashtyn in her battle of the books competition. As soon as that was over, it was time to pick Raya up from school. On the way home, I remembered that today was park day for church and since Raya's respite provider had canceled on us again (this time with 48 hours' notice, so better than 15 minutes' notice) we didn't have to rush home to meet her. Unfortunately, they moved park days from 10:00 on Wednesday to 9:00 because it's getting warmer, so everybody else was pretty much done playing when we got there. It's a bummer that they do it on Wednesdays because there's really no chance of us ever getting to go to it on time but oh well. She got to play for about 20 minutes and that worked out perfectly. She had lost the little card that came with the "pupcake" (stuffed puppy) from the doctor's office when she was at school and had been crying about that when I picked her up, so the park helped her forget about it and cheered her up. After we came home, she took a shower. I went to get her a towel and when I came back, she showed me that her horses were getting drinks:

It's a little hard to see but the horses are drinking out of lids from cans of shaving cream. It struck me as funny. She has a good imagination.

Piper had a pretty good afternoon too compared to the last couple of weeks. We have not been able to get her to sleep without being held, whether it was during the day or at night, and just this week she's starting to sleep independently a little bit. She had a nice nap on the couch this afternoon and it gave me a chance to vacuum the living room floor and get a couple other small things done.
(and yes, she's napping on her stomach. No judgment. I was right there the whole time and it was a good stretch for her neck muscles since she has torticollis like Raya did.)

She sleeps really well when she's in the wrap. I had to take her with me Monday afternoon to the part of town that I would never go to after dark to get her birth certificate. I carried her in the wrap and she slept the whole time except for when she drank her bottle. It worked great! I love snuggling her in it.

I think that's about it so far this week. It's been a busy week but I guess that's a good thing because I haven't had time to sit around and be depressed about Donny going back to work. It was really great having him home for a month. I have a couple of things I need to get done tomorrow but after that, I plan on not doing much the rest of the day. There is more to recovering from childbirth than getting your figure back, and although I'm feeling MUCH better than I was a couple weeks ago, my body still reminds me after days like the last 3 that I'm not there yet.


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