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Where has January gone??

Time flies when you're rapidly approaching your due date. I've been scrambling trying to get as many things checked off of my to-do list as possible, and it was going fine until 5 out of the 6 of us caught a cough a couple weeks ago. It's a dry, unproductive cough that wakes you up at night and doesn't respond too well to cough suppressants. I finally got desperate this week and begged my OB for SOMETHING to help me get some sleep after having a few miserable nights in a row where I was awake more than I was asleep. Hopefully we can all get rid of it before we have a new baby in the house.

Raya was starting to get over her cough but then she spiked a fever yesterday and still has it today, so either she's caught something else now or her cough is morphing into something else. It's so sad when kiddos don't feel good.

She's on about her 10th episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates so far today and hasn't moved off the couch much. You know she doesn't feel good when she just lays on the couch and her toys aren't talking to each other!

 Aside from everybody being sick, the last couple weeks have been pretty nice. We've spent a lot of evenings home snuggling on the couch and watching movies. I couldn't help but laugh when I walked in the other night and saw that Raya's animals were comfortably lounging on the couch for movie night too. :)
She is so funny! She was frowning in the picture because the flash went off when I took it and her eyes have been super sensitive to light lately. We were leaving the school earlier this week and when we walked outside she covered her eyes and said, "My brain hurts." I said, "Your brain hurts? What do you mean?" She said, "My brain hurts! When the sun is bright it makes my brain hurt!" So when we got to the car, I loaned her my sunglasses. About 2 minutes into the drive home, she said, "Um, Mommy, these glasses aren't very good." and took them off. Stinker!

She's really enjoying that she's learning how to write her name. I was making dinner a few nights ago and almost tripped over her because she was laying on the floor in the kitchen & I hadn't seen her. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "There was water on the floor so I'm writing my name." And sure enough, she was using the puddle of water to write her name with her finger on the floor.

There have been times lately when I've had my doubts about how well having to share Mommy is going to go over with her but she says she's excited to have "the baby sister". (who, by the way, she is still convinced that we will be naming Indilla. No idea where she came up with that but gotta give her credit for creativity.) We've washed a few things and Raya thinks it's cute how tiny the clothes are. She assures me that she's going to be a "super good helper girl" so hopefully she's right. The last 2 weeks have been exhausting because of the lack of sleep. I've woken up having coughing fits, woken up because of other people having coughing fits, woken up to go to the bathroom about half a dozen times per night (par for the course at this stage of pregnancy), woken up because the feeding pump was beeping, and woken up because the child attached to the feeding pump was crying about being attached to the feeding pump that was attached to the outlet. It's hard to imagine throwing a newborn into the mix but we'll manage. People like to say that having interrupted sleep at the end of a pregnancy is just to prepare you for having a newborn, and I kind of want to punch them in the throat. It does NOTHING to prepare you except rob you of what little sleep you could be getting BEFORE the newborn comes! Hopefully things will settle down again and everybody will get over the crud and get back on normal schedules. I want my happy, smiley girl back!


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