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Merry Christmas from Raya & Family

(Raya ate a blue dum dum right before we took the picture. Not a Smurf.)

I'm done.

Today, I'm done. I'm done with going to another doctor appointment and trying to carry on a conversation with the doctor and keep Raya from jumping off of things and emptying the soap dispenser at the same time. I'm done with having the same discussion that we've had time and time again for the last year (well, the last 3 years and 11 months, actually). I'm tired of doing the same things over and over and hoping something will change but I'm also tired of doing dozens of different things hoping that one of them will make a difference when they never really do. I'm done trying to find answers to questions that just flat out don't have answers. I'm done with speculating whether changing her diet, her feed schedule or her medications will change anything. I'm done with talking about going out of state again for testing that may or may not end up being productive or beating our heads against the wall trying to get insurance to approve a minimally i…

Halfway through December already??

What a week it's been. In all the fuss of detailing my miserably refluxy night this week, I didn't get around to talking about anything else and there was a lot to talk about, some good and some not good.

First, in case anyone was wondering, my birthday was lovely in spite of the yucky night that followed. Sometime between when I went to sleep and when I got up, Donny left some flowers & delicious chocolate peppermint squares on the table for me. (I ♥ chocolate & mint together. He knows me well.)

Raya went to preschool in the morning and Donny took the day off to tag along while I got free birthday food spend quality time with his beloved wife. There are some locally owned restaurants that do free food on birthdays so we always make the rounds to all 3 of our favorites. We started off with breakfast while Raya was at school and then when we got home from picking her up, I decided that what I really wanted for my birthday was a nap. It was fabulous. Raya snuggled up in …

Sympathy and a message to parents & doctors about reflux

I've mentioned this briefly a couple of times before, but I've had issues on & off for the past couple of years with GERD. In that time, I have gained sympathy for my 3 little girls who all dealt with reflux as babies, and especially Raya who had the worst of it as a baby and still deals with it at the age of 4. Although I know that there's no way I can fully understand what Raya's medical conditions have felt like to her, I thought I was doing a pretty good job acknowledging her discomfort and imagining what she might feel like when her GERD is acting up because of what I've dealt with in the last couple years. After the night I had last night, however, I'm now fairly certain that I had NO real comprehension before and am a bit closer to it now. I decided that maybe if I describe in gross detail how my night went, other parents might have a little bit better understanding of how their children might feel too. (and maybe a medical professional or two might …

Holding steady

It's still hard to say if Raya's stomach weirdness this week is the result of an extremely mild and virtually undetectable virus or a sudden drastic decrease in her motility, but today has been a pretty good day. I chatted with the GI nurse yesterday in the late afternoon and she told me they've had several of their motility/GI kids' parents call with similar issues, but she said most or all of them had a low grade fever at some point and/or diarrhea along with the vomiting and Raya has not had either of those things, so I'm still not completely convinced that it's viral. However, there's also the dreaded possibility that a mild stomach bug has thrown her motility completely out of whack even though there is no longer any sign of a virus. (aka the complication we've always worried about) It really should be a law that all viruses should have to come with a fever so that parents like me would know whether their kid is sick or just having more GI problems…

Puke makes Mommy a little crazy

I hate vomit. I especially hate when Raya vomits and I don't know if it's dysmotility vomit or sick vomit. She puked at school on Monday and then finished emptying her stomach into a towel in the car on the way home. Once her stomach was empty, she was right back to her normal happy self. I fed her pedialyte all day Monday and she seemed to feel better than she has in weeks. Not that she seemed to feel bad the last few weeks, but she definitely felt better on pedialyte. By late that night when she had not had any more signs of possibly being sick, I concluded that whatever made her throw up was probably not viral and probably had to do with her motility issues.

Tuesday, she was absolutely delightful pretty much all day long. I didnt want to jump right back to her normal feed schedule with full strength formula just in case her stomach was still feeling sensitive. Instead of full strength formula, I did half formula and half pedialyte so it would be easier to tolerate. I also f…

Thanksgiving weekend recap

I'm sad that Thanksgiving is already over. Fall is my favorite time of year (largely due to the fact that the weather finally goes from miserably hot to heavenly) and it always seems to go way too fast. We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year. I brought salad and cornbread. I thought it would be funny to bring a mess-free salad dressing dispenser along but it wasn't really the right crowd for that kind of humor. :)

Unfortunately, I didn't know until we got to Donny's aunt's house that my camera battery was dead and this is pretty much the only picture I have from Thanksgiving that doesn't have anybody else's kids in it:
Aside from the eating part, Raya loved Thanksgiving. The last time it was at this aunt's house, she fell and broke her arm. Thankfully there were no broken bones this year. The weather was perfect (about 73 degrees) and there were dozens of little kids running around so Raya and her brother & sisters had a great time. We got to see b…