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The 3 Princesses Reunite

Remember these darling little princesses?

It's hard to believe but it has been 18 months since we took those pictures. A lot of things have happened since then, both good and not so good, but these little girlies are working hard and growing up and still as adorable as ever! Now that one of them has moved out of the state instead of just WAY across town, it's even harder to get together with Raya's little friends, so when we heard that she was going to be in town and they were all healthy enough to be around each other, we jumped at the chance for a quick get-together.

Raya and I made the long trek across Phoenix at rush hour to meet up with the other two families. Some of Phoenix's freeways are more harrowing to drive on at rush hour than others, and we were on one of the bad stretches. It was a bit nerve wracking until my right contact lens popped out of my eye. Then it was a bit terrifying, especially after getting out of the bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic onto th…

Tah-MAY-doe chips

Try as she may, Raya gets tongue twisted when she tries to say potato, and it almost always comes out as tomato instead. I can't help but wonder what other people are thinking when they overhear Raya ask me for "tomato chips", or rather "tah-MAY-doe chips". This past week, we have come to suspect that in spite of her negative allergy tests (multiple) for corn, she has been having a very subtle allergic reaction to corn and/or Duocal (which is pretty much just a mixture of cornstarch and oils). We've subtly been cutting her off of corn products and replacing whatever we can with potato, so the tortilla chips have been traded in for potato chips. I don't love handing her potato chips, but with a kiddo like her, you do what you gotta do.

I mentioned before that she had dark circles under her eyes and just seemed to be getting more and more run down and just generally unhappy and seemed off. I forgot to put Duocal in her formula one day last week and then de…

Neuro and GI follow-ups, part 2

After we got done with Raya's neuro appointment, we had an hour to kill before it was time to see her GI. We stopped at the nurse's station to get her sticker & Dum Dum (peach-mango, the only flavor she's interested in right now) and then went across the street to get lunch. I was starving. She was getting tired by then and had to touch everything in the sandwich place. Then she got upset because I said we were going to get in the car and go back across the street to the clinic and eat in the car instead of staying there to eat. They had said they'd call if the doctor got back from lunch early so I didn't want to be across the street if they called us. Then she got upset because the guy only gave me one water cup and their lids didn't fit it so I didn't let Raya carry it. Then she got upset because I grabbed her when she tried to run away in the parking lot. Then she got upset because I put her in her car seat instead of letting her climb in (sllooowwww…

Neuro and GI follow-ups, part 1

It has been a long day. (So long, in fact, that this will be split into 2 posts because I have a lot to write about.) Actually, first it was a really long night. Raya woke up around 10 last night, which isn't unusual. She wandered out into the kitchen and said she needed a drink. Then she went back to bed. Then she reappeared 30 seconds later to tell me something and went back to bed. Then she reappeared about a minute later to get another drink. Then she came out about a minute after that with a blanket and no less than 5 stuffed animals and said that she just wanted to lay down with me. At that point, she was totally awake and in a pleasant mood so I didn't think it had anything to do with her not feeling good. She didn't show any signs of not feeling good.

When I was ready to go to bed, she was not ready to go back to her bed so she made herself a little spot on the floor next to my bed. That was fine with me because it meant that her pump was within arm's reach of m…

My blue-eyed ball of spunk

There really is no other way to describe this girl. She is just plain old spunk in the form of a 32-ish pound, red haired, blue eyed little girl. See what I mean?

Oh, I just want to squeeze her! Actually, I've done that several times already today in between bouts of her being mad at me for various reasons.

We have had this exact conversation more than once today:
Raya: Is Courtney coming today? (respite provider)
Me: No, she's not coming today.
Raya: What day is it?
Me: Tuesday.
Raya: So Courtney doesn't come on Tuesday?
Me: No, just Monday & Wednesday.
Raya: *sigh* Well, that's not fun. Who's going to play with me today?
Me: I guess it's just Mommy playing with you today.
Raya: *bigger sigh* Well that's not fun either.

In spite of her disappointment at being stuck with boring old Mommy, we've had a pretty good day. We took advantage of the very nice, cool weather this morning (75 degrees felt AMAZING) and tore all the dead stuff out of the wet, muddy garden…

Rainy days

It's not often that I get a chance to call a post "rainy day" and even less often that I get to call one "rainy dayS" but we've had some rainy days this weekend! The sky was pretty cloudy when the kids got home from school on Friday and by 4:00, it was almost dark outside (and inside). It started to get windy so I went out to the back yard to pull up the shade on the porch so it wouldn't get ruined and that's when it started raining. It was probably still about 85 degrees outside so it felt great! So great that I decided the kids needed to go out and play in the rain for a while. When we do get rain storms, it usually dumps rain for about 5 minutes and then stops. This was the usual heavy dumping rain but it lasted a LOT longer than normal. They were in HEAVEN!

They ran around until they were soaked to the skin and covered with grass. They were SO happy! As excited as they get about rain, I can only imagine what they'd think of snow. Only 3 of th…

Allergy-friendly recipe: Black Bean Brownies

I admit, "black bean brownies" does not sound appetizing. Except for the "brownie" part when you ignore the "black bean" part. When you're working with as few ingredients as we are currently and you're a 3 year old girl that hasn't had anything resembling dessert in 10 months, you don't CARE what the brownies are made out of as long as they don't taste awful! (and they didn't)

My favorite part about this recipe (aside from how few ingredients it takes & that Raya isn't allergic to any of them) is how EASY it is. Since you're working with whole black beans, you have to use a blender to mix the batter. That means you throw everything in the blender so you only dirty the blender, a couple of measuring cups/spoons, a rubber spatula, and the pan you bake them in.
The batter might look a little scary but it smelled WONDERFUL and since it was something I was finally able to bake for Raya, it was the most beautiful batter ever. …

Photo therapy

Today our morning started out like this:
Shoes off in the car on the way to school, refusing any attempts to help put shoes back on, refusing to get off the floor & get the feeding pump backpack on, crying, kicking, screaming, yelling at me, kicking my seat in the car all the way to school, trying to take off the pump backpack, and so on. No apparent reason for any of it. It was an ugly morning at preschool dropoff.

On mornings like this, I sometimes have to look at pictures that help me forget about the condition she was in when I left her at school. (Maybe I should send some to her teacher too.) Pictures like these help:

And last but not least, who couldn't love this one:

There. I feel better. Hopefully Raya has stopped throwing her fits and is having fun at school.