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We don't get out much. And now I remember why.

This evening while Donny and the 3 big kids were at karate class, Raya and I decided to get out of the house for a while and go walk around at the mall. It's an outdoor mall and the weather was beautiful this evening, so it was perfect. We started to walk past the Disney store and she saw the sparkly red floor and wanted to go inside because she liked it. I figured she'd enjoy looking at all the cute things they have there so we went in. By then, she was tired of sitting in the stroller and wanted to walk, so I let her walk and put the pump backpack on top of the stroller canopy like I usually do.

She was on cloud 9 the whole time. To see the level of excitement over every little thing she saw, you would have thought she had been locked in a tower like Rapunzel and had never seen the outside world before. She was cracking me up. She'd pick something up and say, "OH, I LOVE THIS! It's so cute! I think I should borrow this on another day." She repeated this over and over again, intermingled with things like, "Mommy, which girl's name is this princess?" and "Oh, that's so pretty! I have one of these!" (she didn't have any of the things she said she had, it was just her imagination.) We walked around the entire perimeter of the store and she maintained the same extremely high level of excitement the entire time.
They have a giant tower of large stuffed Disney characters in the middle of the store and we went around the entire thing with her picking up every single different character and exclaiming how much she loved it and talking about each one. When she picked up the dog from Bolt, she said, "OH! It's THIS puppy! I LOVE this puppy! I saw this movie! He's supposed to have this thingy on his neck. It has his name on it. His name is BOLT!" And then she'd move on to the next character and do the same thing, even though she didn't have a clue who half of them were. It got to the point that other people in the store were stopping and watching her and saying how cute she was. You would have thought I had taken her to DisneyLAND, not the Disney STORE. I finally decided to take a video of her after we had been there for about 20 minutes because her level of excitement had not gone down at all and she was making me laugh.

By the time we made it all the way through the store, I was thinking to myself, "Wow, she really needs to get out more!" Ha ha. Thinking almost always leads to trouble.

We left the Disney store so we could go home because it was about time for Donny & the big kids to get home. We started walking down the sidewalk past all the stores and the two playgrounds we had passed on the way to the Disney store. She was still chattering excitedly and people on the sidewalk kept smiling at her and saying, "Aww, she's so cute!" And then we passed Build-A-Bear and cute went down the crapper. She saw a bunny and wanted to go in and see it. By now it was approaching bedtime and she was teetering on the edge of adorable and WATCH OUT, and seeing the bunny but having Mommy tell her we weren't going in to look at it pushed her over that edge. She started to get upset and whine. I told her we needed to go home so we could get jammies on and snuggle. She didn't want to snuggle, she wanted to see the bunny.

Her backpack was still sitting on top of the stroller and I was pushing the stroller, hanging on to the tube coming out of the backpack, and holding her hand onto the stroller handle to keep her moving all at the same time. We rounded the corner by the ice cream store and she REALLY started to get mad and throw a fit. I picked her up and she started wiggling to try to get away from me and said she wanted to walk, so I put her back down. She yanked her hand away and started walking the other direction but she ran out of "leash" from her backpack, so she stopped for a second. I put on my most stern but still appropriate for public settings "Mommy voice" and said, "Raya, come back here right now, you're still hooked to your backpack."

I let go of the stroller and took a step towards her. She looked at me square in the eye, grabbed onto the tubing with both hands, and yanked. The backpack went flying off of the top of the stroller onto the sidewalk. We had an audience of passers-by at this point so I was trying to exit as quickly as possible. I reached down and put my hand through the strap on her tiny little toddler-sized backpack and in one swoop, stood back up while sliding my arm through the strap like I've done so many times before in the past 3 years. Just as the backpack reached my bicep, I heard an audible POP, followed by the gushing of formula from every part of the backpack that it could possibly have gushed out of. It was an explosion of Neocate. Did you know that you can actually fit 750ml of formula in a 500ml Infinity pump bag? It had about 600ml in it. HAD being the operative word. Formula was EVERYWHERE. It had sloshed across my back and onto my pants, and when I realized it was pouring out everywhere, I dropped it off of my shoulder into my hand, so then the formula was pouring out onto the sidewalk instead of onto me. It ran out of the backpack and splashed off of the sidewalk all over both of us. Her feet were soaked. My feet were soaked. It just kept coming. People walked by and stared as I stood there with a backpack (which was beeping by this point) that was leaking profusely and I'm sure a look of stupor on my face. I really didn't know what to do so I just stood there. Many thoughts ran through my head but mostly, "Um, I'm not really sure what to do right now." I opened the backpack and couldn't believe how much formula was pooled up in the bottom of it based on how much was all over the sidewalk, me, and Raya. It was probably a good 30 seconds before I even realized that there was formula dripping off of my hair onto my arm. Not to mention what was still running out of the backpack. At that point I figured a little more wasn't going to make a difference so I just dumped it all out on the sidewalk where the rest of the puddle was.
If only the picture showed how big the mess really was. I think we even sprayed the window of the ice cream store. I set the backpack on the ground and put her back in the stroller, dumped some more formula out of the backpack, and headed for the car. Oh, and I took her shoes off because she was freaking out about her feet being wet and having formula in her shoes. By that point, I was already laughing because you just can't make this stuff up. In 3 1/2 years of tube feeding, we have never had a pump bag explosion like that one. I was so glad it happened OUTSIDE and not in the Disney store!

When we got to the car, I parked the stroller on the sidewalk, unlocked the doors and put my bag down (which was also spattered with formula). I couldn't hold the sopping wet backpack with one hand and push the stroller across the rocks and over the curb with the other hand, so I left the stroller on the sidewalk while I picked Raya up with one hand and carried the soggy backpack with the other. Luckily there was a grocery bag in the car to put the backpack on so it didn't soak the carpet in the car on the way home. (Lesson #37 of tube feeding: ALWAYS have plastic grocery bags in the car!) It was then that I finally got a good look at the bag. This is by far the largest hole we've ever had in that location on a pump bag.
For anyone who is not familiar with an Infinity pump bag, the hole was at the bottom of the bag where the tubing exits the bag and is about 1 square inch. Large hole in a bad spot to have a hole.

Once she was buckled in, I went back to the sidewalk to retrieve the stroller. As I picked up her blanket, I caught out of the corner of my eye the fluorescent yellow vest of the mall security guy on a bicycle. It took me a second to process what was going on, but there were about 4 mall employees putting cones around our giant formula spill on the sidewalk. I loaded the stroller into the car, got in, closed the door, and laughed out loud until my sides hurt. Raya sat in the back seat saying, "Mommy, why aren't you going yet?! Mommy! I want to go home now! Mommy, will you just DRIVE?!"
And that's why we don't get out much. :)

(fingers crossed that the pump still works after that formula bath!)


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