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My formal apology to Target and a 101st birthday

This morning, the girls and I were at the store picking out a birthday present for their cousin. Raya was in the big part of the cart and Kaida was walking. We went in and I parked the cart next to a rack of clothes while Kaida picked out what she wanted to get for her cousin. Once she had decided, we started walking towards another part of the store looking for some other things we needed. When I started walking, I took a step and felt my shoe slide a little bit. I looked down and saw that I had stepped in a small puddle of water. It seemed a little odd but I kept going. Then I stepped in another wet spot. I looked behind me and I could see the light shining off of a whole trail of water spots. I thought to myself, "Hmmm...looks like someone had something leaky in their cart." Just then, a Target employee was walking by so I mentioned to him that it looked like something had spilled on the floor, and we went on our way.

We found a giant bag of Dum-Dums, which Raya was excited about, and a bag of JUST Smarties. No other candy, just Smarties. I was pretty happy about that. After we were finished, we headed back up to the front of the store to pay. When we went past the clothing section, there were 3 guys standing there and big orange cones marking off the area with the spilled water. We paid and left the store. As I was picking Raya up out of the cart to put her in her carseat, I noticed that the leg of her jeans was soaked. About 3 seconds later, I realized that IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII was the one that left the trail of wetness all over Target. I was the one that was walking around with something leaky in my cart, and it was RAYA. Normally, she would have been plugged in to the pump at that time of day, but this morning she had actually finished almost all of a box of Splash, so I didn't plug her in since her stomach was full. Then we went to Target and somehow her extension tube came unclamped, and we EMPTIED her stomach all over the store. Oops. Oh yes, in a team effort, Raya and I effectively contaminated pretty much every main aisle of the store with whatever was in her stomach and didn't even realize we were doing it. Of course when I asked her if she knew that her pants were getting wet, she said yes. Could she tell me they were getting wet while we were still in the store?? No.

To the maintenance guys at Target, please forgive us for leaving a trail of partially digested tropical flavored Neocate Splash in all of the main walkways of your store. A special apology to the employee that I mentioned the puddles to, since I did not realize at the time that I was the one who had left them. Had she been drinking chocolate Neocate instead, I most definitely would have recognized the odor of the drippings immediately but apparently, tropical flavored Splash is not as strongly scented once it's been in the stomach for an hour or so. I hope it didn't eat the finish off of the linoleum.

Sincerely, me & Raya.

In other news, the kids had a lovely time this afternoon having a water fight in the back yard. Alternate use #273 for 60ml syringes: squirt guns!

They played for about half an hour and then I noticed that Raya was leaning on a chair on the porch instead of playing. I walked by several minutes later and she was still standing in the same awkward position with her knee on the chair and staring at her foot, so I asked her if she was done playing outside. Without even looking at me (since she was too focused in on staring at her foot), she said, "My foot is dirty. I can't move. I can't walk on it." So apparently girlfriend still has issues with grass sticking to her feet. (thank you, sensory processing disorder)
She didn't move a muscle until I had cleaned every bit of grass off of her foot and dried both feet off. After that, she was done and came inside to warm up. It was about 83 outside, which is nice, but they were playing with freezing cold hose water so she was freezing and her lips were blue. The other kids stayed outside for about 2 1/2 hours so they got totally fried (way to go, Mom, let the white kids fry) but they had a great time. Yay for syringes! :)

And last but certainly not least, tomorrow is Raya's great-grandpa's 101st birthday!
(She was not happy that I pulled her away from the toys to come have her picture taken.) There was a little family get-together at the wonderful home where he lives now. ("little" meaning that there were only about 45 members of the family there out of the 140-something) He got to have his favorite dessert (homemade lemon meringue pie) and Mexican food for dinner so he was pretty happy. In a roundabout way, Raya is named after him. Her daddy's middle name is Ray after his grandpa, and that's where we got her name from. :)

Raya was funny during dinner. She was sitting on her grandma's lap chattering away with her grandparents, and Grandpa started eating his pie & ice cream for dessert. He said something about ice cream and she said, "Well, I'm ALLERGIC to ice cream...but I can eat PUDDING!" One of her favorite things to do now is list things she's allergic to. Kind of funny to hear from the mouth of a 3 year old. :) Of course the real funny (but sad but funny) part was when we were all having a nice time eating dinner and talking to each other, and a sweet but not very lucid elderly gentleman at another table suddenly shouted a bit of profanity (bless his heart). Given the setting & circumstances, it was not something we were expecting to hear so it struck us all as pretty darn hilarious. Grandpa had been snoozing away in his recliner but that woke him up and then he was ready for the party. As funny as some of our feeding tube-related stories are, I can only imagine what stories the people who run this wonderful little retirement home could tell!

Aside from Raya waking up right when I wanted to go to bed and crying for half an hour with no acknowledgement of anything I was doing or saying to try and get her to stop, it was a pretty great day. :)


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