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Dentist visit and lab results

The kids had checkups with the dentist yesterday. I was pretty much dreading it because last time we went, the hygienist felt the need to lecture me about not brushing Raya's teeth enough. I had to bite my tongue because I felt like she was judging me unfairly. She had no idea how far we had already come just to be able to get her in a dentist's office and let a complete stranger brush her teeth while she laid flat on her back without vomiting (either from crying or gagging). It was really aggravating so I was prepping myself for a repeat and had my "don't tell me how to do my job and I won't tell you how to do yours" speech all prepared but it went much better this time. Other than Raya not having a nap on Monday or Tuesday. Or today. She's wearing me out with this no nap nonsense.
The appointment was at 2:00 so by then, she was at the point of knowing she was tired and doing whatever she had to in order to stay awake. Like removing her shoes 10 times in as many minutes and insisting that I turn in the only non-functioning video game console in the while waiting room.

The dental assistant took the two big kids back first and it gave me a few more minutes to keep Raya from climbing on things like the receptionist's desk. No lie. Finally it was the little girls' turn. Kaida went first (more Raya wrangling for me) and THEN it was Raya's turn. Something has been brewing lately with Raya, and when that happens she can NOT be still. Not even for half a second. She was getting a feed while we were there so I got her to wiggle out of her backpack and gave heer a boost so she could wiggle up onto the table thingy. Then I stood right by heer to keep her from wiggling off of it.

I talked to the hygienist about how Raya's been doing with brushing, changes to her meds since her last appt, and what she's eating now. I told her flat out that the only brushing is what Raya does herself because that's a battle that would do more harm than good but that I do help her maybe once a week. I also told her that Raya mostly eats ice cubes right now and that it seems to actually help clean her teeth. Since not much food goes in, the hygienist said there's not much of anything building up on her teeth anyway. She was going to try using the cleaning tool that they normally use to polish teeth but Raya was really antsy and anxious at the moment so she used a toothbrush with a tiny bit of toothpaste on it instead.

She never gagged but she was working really hard not to. She wasn't too sure about the toothpaste either. After that, the hygienist wiped the toothpaste off of her teeth with a piece of gauze. That didn't go over well either and Raya was done at that point. She stood up and hugged me like a baby koala until we told her she was done. Then she got down and played video games with Bubba while we waited for the dentist to come in.

That went fairly well too. The whole staff there is SO good with kids. Raya kept biting the mirror and closing her lips tight so he couldn't get it out. She didn't gag though and he got a quick glimpse of her teeth. We didn't attempt xrays because, let's face it, don't we all gag with dental xrays? When we were all done, they all got their tokens for the prize machines and picked out what they wanted. I wish they had all gotten the same thing because they've been fighting over each other's prizes ever since. :)
Raya's favorite thing in her goodie bag was the floss. All the way home she was jabbering about toothpaste and I was afraid I'd have a big mess to clean up when we got home. Thankfully, she was calling the dental floss toothpaste. She had unrolled the while thing in the time it took us to drive home.

Overall it was a successful trip to the dentist. :) She puked today. I don't know why other than she was being really rowdy. It is nice having her be able to yell, Mommy, puke!" And point to it so I can clean it up while it's still wet. Hopefully it was a fluke. I'd say that I hope she'll get a map tomorrow but she has therapy do she won't. Such is the life of an overscheduled kid from the suburbs! Oh and the labs we did for her magnesium and phosphorus came back normal, which is good. That means the prilosec she's been on for 2 years and 7 months isn't inhibiting her body's absorption of those things. The allergy labs also came back normal. I don't have any specifics yet but that isn't necessarily good news. It's actually very frustrating news because we know she has problems with at least a couple of the 7-8 things her skin tests were positive for. I'm trying to not think about it until we see the allergist in 2 weeks.


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