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Weekend ramblings

This weekend was not the highlight of my mothering career. The kids ran amok the entire day on Saturday while I holed up in my office writing essays, a lab report and taking a quiz. (no, really, it was 12-ish hours of work. I stopped briefly to medicate, feed and put Raya to bed. I also had dozens of interruptions to the tune of, "Mommy, he won't give me my _________ (insert doll, toy, sandwich, bouncy ball, etc.)." and, "Um, is it time for snack/lunch/snack #2/snack #375/etc. yet?" and "You said we could do _____________ sometime. Can we go do it right now?" and my personal favorite, "I really REALLY want to do something fun. Is there anything FUN to do around here? (mommy lists off several 'fun' things) Well, none of those sound like fun. *sigh* I guess I'll just go play the DS/watch Netflix."

I also took a time out to drive the kids to their cousin's birthday party. Raya cried most of the way there (whilst clutching her floatie vest) because I told her she was coming home with me and not swimming with the big kids. She was quite the sight in her poofy, red with white polka dot Minnie Mouse dress-up on (inside out, by the way), sitting in her carseat crying and hugging her hot pink floatie vest. I was really at my wit's end that day (oh, did I mention that Donny had to work on Saturday??) so I was not up to doing anything or seeing anyone and had way too much work to do so I dropped them off at the curb and drove home with a crying Raya in the back seat. She stopped when I gave her a Chick-fil-a waffle fry though. (Did you know they fry their chicken in peanut oil? Is that even safe? Shouldn't they have signs posted everywhere that they use PEANUT oil??) When we got home, we sat down at the table to eat (because the only other thing I had eaten up to that point was a couple of bowls of cereal) and Raya ended up consuming an entire 1 oz container of Chick-fil-a sauce. Now don't get me wrong, I love Chick-fil-a sauce, but after watching the way she scooped it up and then slurped it off of her soggy waffle fry has really turned me off to it and it might be a while before I can bring myself to eat either of those things again.

She was acting funny that day. She's been complaining on & off recently that her tummy hurts. When a 2 year old says their tummy hurts, it's hard to know whether or not to believe them but when she tells me that and then grabs her G tube or puts her hand over the exact location of her stomach, it's hard to write it off as nothing. After we ate dinner, she wanted to lay on the couch and watch Backyardigans, which again set off alarm bells because she DID actually lay on the couch for about 90 minutes and just watched Backyardigans. Raya laying still for that long (anything over 30 seconds, really) when she's not in her crib is usually a sign that something's off with her. She was still a little funny yesterday but she seems fine today. Except that she's been a bit gun shy about swallowing anything since the peanut butter vomiting incident on Friday. I'm kind of dreading feeding therapy tomorrow because it didn't go well last Tuesday and I don't expect tomorrow to be any better. We shall see though.

She made an ENORMOUS mess with a box of cereal this morning. I don't suppose I have to elaborate on that. It was literally from one end of the house to the other, on the couches, under the couches, on the rug, and everywhere else. The rule in our house is that no food or drinks leave the kitchen, not even water. Raya hasn't gotten the memo, apparently.

Today we went to Build-A-Bear after school so that we could use the rest of the money that was donated and make a few more Tubie Friends for our local children's hospital. Tubie Friends is a fabulous organization (as is its sister organization, Mini Buddy). Tubie Friends & Mini Buddy put feeding tubes and other medical devices (trachs, ports, central lines, etc.) into stuffed animals and send them to kids free of charge to help them and their families cope. I started volunteering earlier this year as a "Tubie Friends Surgeon" and I absolutely LOVE it. Anyway, we had a little bit of money left over from a fundraiser earlier in the year so the kids and I decided to spend it. :) They love going to buy the bears and they never get upset about not getting to keep the bears we make because they know why we're doing it. Raya even understands that we're making bears for other kids and she loves to help. She always picks out the same bear that she has and calls them all Tubie-rina since that's her bear's name. :)

And yes, she's wearing one pink flip-flop that's too small and one purple zebra flip-flop that's almost too small. We can't find the match to either of them but they happen to be opposite feet so it works. Isn't her new backpack adorable? It's supposed to be a ladybug but the tubing is kind of in the way of the face. My friend Alex came across them at Target on Friday and it happens to be the perfect size for a Zevex Infinity pump and bag of formula. The best part was that unlike the boring backpack that came with her pump (to the tune of $100-ish) this backpack was only $15, AND it comes with a detachable leash, which is undoubtedly my favorite feature. Unfortunately, we drew the short straw today and the pump bag broke so about 7 ounces of vanilla Peptamen Jr poured out into her brand new backpack. I guess it was going to get "christened" at some point so it might as well be now, right?


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