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Flowers and separation anxiety

(From facebook)
This girl is keeping me on my toes for sure! Yesterday I caught her standing on the kitchen counter eating spearmint gum. As in, taking tiny nibbles and swallowing them. I thought I had removed all food items from that cupboard. I also thought that the pack of spearmint gum (which still had the plastic on it) was unopened and therefore not a threat. Oh, no. It's open and there are only 4 pieces left, which means that in the recent past, Raya may or may not have consumed 11 pieces of spearmint gum. Not only that, but there was a small box of miniature Altoids in the cupboard, which I also thought was sealed and completely unappealing to children. Heck, I can barely stand them myself. I have no idea how many of those she ate but the box is just over half full now and I can guarantee that none of the other kids ate them.

The gum & altoids doesn't hold a candle to what she ate today though. The girls and I got home from taking the kids to school this morning and as we were walking into the house, Raya picked up a little yellow flower from the shrub in front of the house. The girls do that pretty often and I end up finding dried out flowers all over the place. She put it up to her lips and I told her to keep it away from her mouth but then I got distracted and when we got inside I forgot about the flower. Fast forward to 11:00 when I was getting her ready for therapy. I plugged in a bolus extension connected to an empty, plunger-less syringe to vent her stomach. As soon as I opened the clamp, slobber mixed with something bright yellow popped up into the extension. I suddenly realized that I didn't know what she had done with the flower...

This is the conversation that followed:
Me: Raya, did you eat that flower?!
Raya: Yeah.
Me: Did you really eat it? Did you chew it up and swallow it?
Raya: Yeah, in here. *points at mouth*

Me: Raya! We do NOT eat flowers!!

Incidentally, it turned out that the bright yellow stuff in the tube was not actually the flower. It was cheese from the middle of the cheese crackers that someone gave her this morning. She scrapes off the salty, powdery cheese, licks it off her fingers, and throws the crackers on the floor or puts them on her high chair tray and pours water on them. Even though the yellow substance in the tube was cheese and not flower, I'm 99.9% convinced that she ate the flower because it's nowhere to be found and I had seen her put it up to her lips right after she picked it up. Thank goodness it wasn't a flower off of some toxic plant.

We had our first real dose of separation anxiety today. Now that school is back in session for all the districts in the area, her OT schedule changed so that she sees one therapist on Tuesday and a different therapist on Thursday. Today was the first time she was being seen by the new therapist but not the first time we'd met her. She's almost always in the same area of the clinic that we're in so she's interacted with Raya quite a bit before and I didn't think Raya would have any issues going with her. Boy was I wrong.

Since the big kids are back in school and Donny is back to work (and we miss him terribly!) Kaida had to come to therapy with us. She doesn't like it very much and gets bored so I had planned on staying in the waiting room with her and letting her play the DS and watch whatever movie was on. I had been prepping Raya for a day or two that she was going to see Miss J today instead of Miss M, and on the way there, she was practicing saying Miss J's name. When we walked in, Miss J came out to get her and at first Raya was friendly and happy. I told her that we were going to stay in the waiting room and come back for the last 10-15 minutes and she took Raya's hand and started walking through the door. As soon as Raya realized I wasn't following her, she panicked. She burst into tears, came over to me and started hugging my legs.

Since it was her first session with Miss J and we didn't want it to start off on a bad note, Kaida and I went back into the session with her. She did pretty well overall except that Miss J is a little more softspoken than Miss M, and Raya seemed to take advantage of that by ignoring her. She had spread bean bags out all over the air mattress for Raya to pick up and put in a bucket and she'd tell Raya to get a certain color. She doesn't really know her colors anyway but she didn't even make an effort to find the right color and half the time she just completely ignored her therapist and did whatever the heck she wanted to. She did better on the scooterboard than she did on the air mattress but she was moving super slow the whole time. We used a SPIO again today but I think it was too big & wasn't really doing much for her.

I decided that on Tuesday when she sees her OT that she's been seeing since February, I'll stay in the waiting room and make her go back without me and see how she does. I've left her alone with the OT several times but I don't think she's ever walked out of the waiting room without me. Really, she hasn't ever been anywhere without at least 1 member of her immediate family with her except for traumatic medical procedures that I wasn't allowed in the room for, like GJ tube changes and a few of her blood draws. So yeah, girlfriend probably has some separation anxiety. Reason #287 why Raya needs preschool. I did get some very exciting news yesterday though. At our quarterly review with her support coordinator, I found out that we have authorization for Raya's second hour per week of OT up until her birthday in November. We thought it ended in September and that we weren't going to be able to get it back after that but now we're good through her birthday. Yay!

She also needs labs done, speaking of blood draws. I emailed her GI about some...stool issues, and about whether or not Raya's doing well enough on half a dose of Prilosec. And to tell her that Raya's been calling her stuffed monkey by her GI doctor's name. :) She emailed me back today and said that she'd like to check some things in Raya's bloodwork to make sure that long term use of a PPI (proton pump inhibitor, i.e. Prilosec/Prevacid) isn't making her deficient in certain things. It probably is but it's a two-edged sword because not having her on it can do long-term damage to her esophagus. Anyway, I'm not sure when we'll be doing that but sometime in the near future she'll get to go show the lab techs how tough she is while they poke her arm.


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