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A few updates from the week

This week has been a real energy zapper. We've had 5 appointments this week (in 2 days) and weren't really too sad when appointment #6 got canceled for tomorrow and moved to next week. Tuesday started out with allergy testing. I'm very fortunate to have a dear friend who lets Kaida come play at her house whenever Raya has appointments that would be unpleasant for her to come to, like the allergist. (did not know exam rooms could be that small...)

We dropped Kaida off after we dropped the kids off at school and Raya was mad that I didn't get her out of the car too. In order to make her happy, I told her that we were going to the allergist and then to see her OT, whom she loves dearly. The allergist is Dr. S and Raya's GI (whom she also loves dearly) also happens to be Dr. S, so she was confused. When we pulled into the parking lot, I don't remember exactly what she said but it was something to the effect of, "Hey, Mom, what are you doing? This is NOT Dr. S&#…

Feeding Tube Terminology: G tube words

One of the many things I didn't have a clue about before Raya got her G tube was the fact that there are LOTS of different kinds of G tubes, all with similar but different features & functions. Some of the terminology that was tossed around in the beginning was very confusing. When I met with the surgeon to pick out a button for when Raya's initial tube was ready to be changed, they pulled a bunch of tubes out of a cupboard, put them down on the table in front of me and said, "What kind do you want?" I had NO idea what to pick, all I knew was that anything would be better than what we had at that point.

Here are a few things I wish someone could have explained to me before Raya got a G tube:

1. What the heck does PEG mean?
PEG stands for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy. In other words, a gastrostomy tube is placed through the abdominal wall using an endoscope to visually guide the surgeon to the best location to place the tube. The term PEG is used to refer to …

No, really, she is a sweet and wonderful girl

I think I've scared people by posting about all the mischief Raya gets into (because lately there's been so much of it). Like how on Thursday morning I went upstairs to print some papers and when I came back down, she was sitting on the floor in the living room (the only place in the whole downstairs where there's a rug) helping herself to the Country Time lemonade mix.
While I was cleaning it up, her OT called and said she'd had cancellations and wondered if I could come in early. I believe my exact words were, "Sure, let me finish vacuuming lemonade mix out of my couch & rug and then we'll be right over." Raya has suddenly taken a liking to powdered things. Last week she ignored my warnings and took a big old lick of her handful of flour. Then there was the powdered sugar on Wednesday, then the lemonade mix on Thursday, and this morning it was some chocolate "Morning Moos" drink mix powder. I have GOT to get a lock for the pantry door too b…

Rethinking the Prilosec reduction

I've decided that maybe cutting the Prilosec in half was a bad idea. Or perhaps accidentally missing the morning dose when she's no longer getting a night dose was a bad idea. Then there was the salsa she ate for dinner last night... Whatever the cause, she had a lousy night last night. She woke up screaming for me at 11:45. When I went to her bed, her eyes were still closed but she was rolling around and making a yuck face while swallowing repeatedly. Reflux. Then she'd cry a little and roll around some more and I could tell she really didn't feel good. I was actually afraid she was going to throw up so I got her up and brought her and her blanket to the couch with me.

Poor kid did not feel good. I vented her stomach to see if she had any air bubbles that were bothering her but nothing came out so I gave her a dose of Prilosec (probably too little too late) and a little drink of water to wash down the "mouth puke" that she kept telling me about. I tried to k…

A bit of disappointment but we're not giving up

This is quite possibly my longest blog post ever but there's a lot to talk about. I feel like I say this in every blog post (or at least all the Tuesdays) but today was such a long and tiring day! At least it didn't start out with Raya sprinkling Apple Cinnamon Chex from one end of the house to the other though. (that was yesterday) Oh wait, it did start with a super soggy and poopy diaper that leaked all over her bed though.

We dropped the big kids off at school and then I decided it was time to pull all of the dead cornstalks out of the garden so I could weed whack the stupid bermuda grass that grew when I started watering the garden. Raya kept peeking her head out the door and I'd say, "Raya, you need to go in the house." She would smile and say, "I AM!" And technically she was right, her head was the only thing that was outside. The girls REALLY wanted to come out and "help" me so I cleared all the overgrown stuff out of the way and let the…

Weekend ramblings

 This weekend was not the highlight of my mothering career. The kids ran amok the entire day on Saturday while I holed up in my office writing essays, a lab report and taking a quiz. (no, really, it was 12-ish hours of work. I stopped briefly to medicate, feed and put Raya to bed. I also had dozens of interruptions to the tune of, "Mommy, he won't give me my _________ (insert doll, toy, sandwich, bouncy ball, etc.)." and, "Um, is it time for snack/lunch/snack #2/snack #375/etc. yet?" and "You said we could do _____________ sometime. Can we go do it right now?" and my personal favorite, "I really REALLY want to do something fun. Is there anything FUN to do around here? (mommy lists off several 'fun' things) Well, none of those sound like fun. *sigh* I guess I'll just go play the DS/watch Netflix."

I also took a time out to drive the kids to their cousin's birthday party. Raya cried most of the way there (whilst clutching her …

Trying not to cry over vomited peanut butter

When Raya's big brother was little, he used to eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches every day and waffles with peanut butter for breakfast. He only liked creamy peanut butter though and would vomit if he ate crunchy. For a long time we thought it was a texture issue but his pediatrician suggested having allergy testing done, although she didn't think it sounded like an allergy since he was okay with creamy peanut butter. I didn't take him to the allergist. Instead we just didn't feed him crunchy peanut butter and everything was fine. Then one evening I was making some celery with cashew butter on it and he asked for a bite. I gave him a bite and 10 minutes later he was leaning over the garbage can puking his little guts out. He vomited off & on all evening. A couple days later, I put a dab of the cashew butter on his cheek just to see what would happen. Within minutes, the whole side of his face had broken out in hives. I called the allergist that very moment a…