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Mess Maker

We had a messy weekend. First there was the unplugged feed which fed about 8 ounces to her bed and also let whatever was in her stomach freely flow out. (double layer waterproof mattress pads? yes please.)

Then there was the twisted up shirt incident:
Which wasn't really a mess but it was funny. It wasn't like that when I put her in bed.

Then there was the MASSIVE rainstorm:
(Just for the record, I was the passenger, not the driver.)
That was one mess we didn't mind. Rain like that only happens a couple times a year so we get pretty excited when big thunderstorms roll in.
Then there was the really big formula mess. Bigger than the aforementioned bed feeding mess. Sunday evening I was working on some things upstairs and when I came down, Raya started talking to me and repeating the same thing over and over. I couldn't figure out what she was saying until she had repeated herself about 20 times and then finally I realized she was saying, "Formula fell out." I thought she was saying that the plastic pump bag had fallen out of the backpack, which happens sometimes. I told her to bring it in the kitchen and I'd fix it.
When she started walking towards me, I realized that what she meant to say was, "Mommy, the pump bag that we're using today turned out to be defective and now there are 3 holes through which formula is leaking profusely into my backpack and is now starting to drip through the seams into a giant puddle on the floor." And she wasn't kidding.

We kind of lost all hope of knowing how much she'd been fed that day. It was a mess. Her new backpack has been properly christened though. It took me a little bit to figure out where the formula was coming from but here's what I found:
Upon further investigation, I also found this:
This started out as one little slit but when I touched it to see how big it was, it turned into 2 holes all the way through the bag. We've had defective bags before but never with holes like this. We've had a couple where the plastic was stuck to itself and when I peeled it off, the bag tore. Most of the defective ones we've had were the kind where there's tiny pinholes in the bags and you don't know they're there until you squeeze the bag to prime the air out of the line and formula sprays you in the face. We've had lots of those. This was a new one for us but after checking with some other tubie families, apparently it's a pretty common defect.

Monday's mess was more of a figurative mess. Rowdy, bouncing off the walls, meowing instead of using words, climbing on everything, spinning, jumping, etc. In the evening we went to the library. We stopped on the way and got a pizza for dinner and since it was an unseasonably cool 100 degrees outside, we ate at a picnic table outside the library. Raya was not included in the "we". She was mad that I wouldn't give her a whole piece of pizza so she refused to have a taste of it at all.

After we had made the pizza disappear, we headed inside to the air conditioning. Usually we have Raya in the stroller but this time we didn't. Next week we will be putting her in the stroller. She jumped instead of walking, took a wild ride on the rocking chairs, fought with Kaida over chairs, ran, talked loudly, cried, had a poopy diaper, and wouldn't stop planking on the kiddie bookshelves.
Planking is her new favorite activity. She does it everywhere we go that she can find a surface that's the right height to lay on her belly on. She was responsible for the books on the floor too. She did have a few fleeting moments of sitting on a chair looking at books but mostly she was sitting on the chair picking at the loose piece of tape on the book.

And then we all took a moment to watch the little jackrabbit running around under the tree outside the window.
When it was about 20 minutes until bedtime, we headed home just in time for pajamas and family prayers and sent them all off to bed.
She had a pretty good OT session today. We used the SPIO vest again with pretty good results. Not quite as drastic as last time but she was a lot more wound up from the beginning this time and I think that had something to do with it. It still made a big difference though. Her therapist is employing a lot more tough love these days because Raya is in her "self-regulating" mode and has a lot more opinion about what she does and for how long. Today she decided to push Raya's limits and see how long she could get her to sustain the same activity. She let Raya choose between the swing and the scooterboard and she picked the scooterboard. She ended up staying with it for almost 15 minutes. We had to get her attention a few times and remind her to keep going but she definitely did pretty well. She had the SPIO on the whole time and it makes a difference. It's easier for her to stay on the scooterboard when she's wearing it. It seems to help her have a better sense of where her body is in space.

After OT we came home and had FT. Things have been going well this week with being able to get her to eat baby food with "incentives" like candy, sour cream, and ice cubes. Today I wanted to test her limits too and see if we could get her to eat baby food vegetables. I felt a little bad doing that to her but she needed it. I put some seasoning salt in it so it would have a little flavor but really, how much can pureed mixed vegetables be helped. She did end up eating the whole thing but it turned into an exercise for me where I had to ignore and not react to all of the gagging and yuck faces she was making. We also pushed her beverage limits by making her drink apple juice. She really has never been interested in drinking anything but water and today was no exception. Her therapist hadn't brought the M&Ms this time so Raya's incentives were water and taking licks of a Jolly Rancher. She had to take 3 bites of food and 3 sips of juice in order to earn her water and her licks of the Jolly Rancher. When all was said & done, her hands were covered in Jolly Rancher stickiness and her shirt was covered in mixed vegetable puree but she had eaten a whole 4oz container of it and had drank about 2 ounces of apple juice. She chased it all down with a total of about 6 ounces of water, so all in all it was a very good feeding therapy day.

None of the previously mentioned messes measured up to the big disgusting poop mess today. (Stop here if you don't want to read about poop.) In my 9.4 years of being a parent, I can honestly say that I've never seen poop exit a diaper in quite the fashion that hers did this afternoon. I was upstairs working on editing a photo session and Ashtyn came up and told me that Raya had a poopy diaper and that a piece of it was on the floor in the play area. Gross. However, upon inspection, it was not a piece. It was a giant drip. That had been stepped in. She was chattering away and playing with toys but she wouldn't move because her bum hurt. She was wearing a big poofy dress-up costume and once I had peeled that off of her (and sent it to the washer to take care of the...collateral damage) I realized that there was poop running down the inside of both of her legs. I removed her shorts, which were soaked, and laid her down on a plastic bag to clean up. Somehow it had oozed out the inside of both legs. She'd just had a poopy diaper about an hour before that and she never has more than one poopy diaper in a day. I suppose it could have been because of the baby food she ate but she'd only eaten it an hour before so I doubt it. I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.


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