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Enter the massive head cold

Catching a head cold when it's 110 degrees outside has got to be the most ridiculous thing ever. How does one even catch a cold in the middle of the summer? Okay, I know HOW, but why must children catch colds in the middle of the summer?? What started out as a weekend of up & down temperatures, post-nasal drip and/or GERD-induced all night coughing has now evolved into the mother of all head colds. The transition happened rather suddenly today while we were at the weekly summer movie. (side note: Mr. Popper's Penguins is a pretty cute movie minus all the penguin poop that reminded me of Raya vomiting as a baby) There hadn't been a single drop of anything out of Raya's nose all weekend and then as soon as we sat down in that nice, cold air conditioned movie theater, BAM. Runny nose, super watery eyes, and a kid that sat on my lap or the arm of my chair through the whole movie (meaning that she didn't feel good enough to be doing her usual squirming & whining).

Since we had to leave the movie a few minutes early and go straight to OT and since the nose running hadn't started with enough time to cancel OT, we went. It got a better once we went back out into the 105 degree heat. She was tired because therapy is always at naptime and fell asleep right before we pulled into the driveway of the clinic.

It was un-be-LIEVABLE how easily distracted she was today. I think "aloof" is a good word for it. She would get halfway across the room on the scooterboard and then get distracted by something (or nothing) and stop. One time she sat there for about a minute just picking fuzz off the carpet. Her therapist and I were both trying to get her attention but she was completely off in her own little world. She does that quite often, especially when I ask her to do things, and it's SO hard to be patient with sometimes. Since she's not feeling good today, it was 10x worse than normal. I know that part of it is that she's actually starting to process things more and starting to have opinions about what she does and whether or not she wants to do things and that's good because it means we're making progress. But good gracious it's frustrating when I feel like I'm talking to an adorable but sassy little 2 year old brick wall with pigtails!

Her OT went easy on most of the things she did because we could tell she wasn't feeling great but she did push her a little on the inflatable tunnel. She put a ball under one end of it so Raya had to climb up an incline to get to the end where the bucket was and put the bean bags in it.
She was happy and had fun while she was doing this exercise but her little body was just tired today so she didn't last very long with it. She had a little massage but had no interest in the oral motor program today so we called it a day. As we were leaving, a fire truck showed up to investigate the cause of the fire in the bathroom. Apparently sometime last night or early this morning, an outlet had caught on fire and ignited the paper towels in the dispenser on the wall above the outlet but miraculously, the place was still standing. I told Raya's therapist that it's because the clinic & its therapists are so amazing and there are so many kids who depend on this clinic so God was protecting it. Really, there's no other explanation for it. The work that goes on in this clinic will change the lives of the kids who are being seen there forever. Sounds dramatic but it's the honest truth.

Moving on...So after therapy we stopped by the produce market to get some fruit & veggies and then headed home to meet our feeding therapist. We haven't seen her since June 12th because we were gone and then she was gone. Raya had dozed off in the car and her therapist called to tell me that she had gotten way behind schedule and wondered if she could come late. I told her that would be fine and that if she'd rather cancel for today, that was fine too. Right then, Raya decided to jolt awake and have a giant coughing fit at which point her therapist decided that canceling was a good idea, so that was that.

When we got home, Raya was no longer tired (or so she thought) so she played with her big kids for a while. She's gotten really good at conning them into getting her ice cubes. ALL SHE WANTS TO DO lately is eat ice cubes. Then she wanted a snack so I offered her "sour cream" (meaning plain Greek yogurt) and then I remembered that I had forgotten to buy any last night so I offered her yogurt instead. She didn't want yogurt, she wanted sour cream, so I decided just to give her sour cream. She ate 2 tablespoons of it and then started having another coughing fit. A coughing fit which turned into vile, rotten-smelling sour cream vomit. It reminded me once again how grateful I always was that when she used to vomit several times a day and spit up in between vomits, it was just Neocate and smelled like french fries. Real vomit is totally different. I felt bad for her because the taste of the sour cream vomit actually made her gag more. She doesn't have a fever and this was purely cough/gag-induced vomit. (Welcome back, gag reflex. We've wondered if you still existed.) Hopefully that won't kill her love for sour cream.

After that, I hosed her down in the shower and vented her stomach really good like we did last night and put her to bed. She starts coughing as soon as she lays down so I'm kind of afraid to give her the rest of her formula. I'll slow the rate down and probably dilute with pedialyte a little too and hopefully she won't throw up anymore. Bless her little heart, I hate seeing her not feel good and watching her gasp for air in between coughs because of the junk in her airway. :( Hopefully this cold will run its course and go away fast without spreading to everybody else.


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