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There's a country song that says, "My little darlin' is a firecracker!" and every time I hear it, this little face is all I can think of:
There is SO much personality packed into this 29-ish pound princess! Her OT warned me in February when we started working with her that as her sensory issues improved, she would start to push all of the limits of our patience because she would gain a better sense of self and start to be able to better process what she wants & doesn't want. I think it's safe to say we're there. :) Bless her little heart, she's definitely gaining a sense of self! She wants to do EVERYTHING by herself, for herself and without help from anybody even if she really does need it. We have left the house more than once this week with Raya wearing mismatched shoes of the same footage:
We choose our battles and shoes aren't worth it so we just let her be proud of herself for picking them out herself. :)
She's definitely gaining a sense of self. Don't try to call her anything but Raya. If you do, she'll correct you by saying, "No! I WAY-a!" (No! I'm RAY-a! :)

She's had quite the opinion about food lately too. Well, not that she hasn't always...Anyway, she's noticed that the big kids have been eating packages of cheese sandwich crackers. Yesterday she had a HUGE fit lasting about 20 minutes during which we dragged just about everything out of the pantry to no avail trying to figure out what she was repeatedly asking for. FINALLY I realized she wanted the crackers that the big kids had (which I had already offered her multiple times) but she wanted her OWN package. There are pluses and minuses to having older siblings. Sometimes it makes her want to have things that they have (i.e. crackers) but then she also copies the way she sees them eat the crackers:
Step 1: Pull crackers apart and scrape off cheese-like substance with fingers

Step 2: Lick cheese off fingers, repeat until cheese is gone, discard crackers.

We've tried this 3 times this week. The first time, she actually did consume a few of the crackers although the big kids won't divulge whether or not she had help with that. :) Today, she didn't even have a nibble of cracker, just the salty, pasty cheese. Who needs crackers anyway, right? :)
After she had de-cheesed the crackers, she had 3 tablespoons of "sah-SEEM" and 6 Froot Loops and chased it down with a little water. Pretty good day even if it did only total about 60 calories. :)

She's been hitting the sour cream pretty heavily lately. Nothing cuter (in my opinion) than a little formerly NPO pigtail girl shoveling sour cream into her mouth. :)

We were making funny faces at each other while she ate. She made a scrunched up smiley face at me so I made the same face back to her. She got a straight face and said, "No! Fie-o!" (translation: No! Smile!) And then proceeded to show me how:
We had a rare little snuggle moment tonight while the big kids were at karate. She wanted to watch Backyardigans (the only show she shows any interest in other than Cake Boss, which is still her favorite) so we laid on the couch and sort of snuggled. She has rules for snuggling: I can lay close to her but I am not allowed to touch her feet with any part of my body and am not allowed to touch any part of her body with my hands, except occasionally I may touch her head as long as I hold my hand still. As long as I abide by her rules, she stays put for a couple minutes at a time in between getting down and running around. It's lovely. :)
I {heart} this girl!!


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