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Sammy the Seal and lots o' puke

Raya had a great OT session today. She started out on the swing that looks like an upside down"T". It's a lot of work for her because it requires more core strength than the other swings. She was really quiet while she was on the swing and seemed sleepy. After the swing, she found a little ride-on toy that she REEEEEEALLY wanted to ride so her therapist let her. :) She set up a game for Raya where she picked up plastic rings at one end of the room, scooted to the other end of the room, and put them on Sammy the Seal's head. She loves Sammy the Seal and had to pet his head and talk to him every time she put a ring on his head. He barks at her when the ring falls past his tail.

They're buddies. :)

When she finished that game, she sat on the scooterboard and pulled herself across the room. She was unusually calm and compliant today but we just chalked it up to the progress she's made with her sensory processing. I was surprised by how well she did. She was reall…

Pictures from our trip

We had the most lovely week at Grandma's house last week! For one thing, the weather was AMAZING compared to the 30+ days of 100+ degree weather we've had at home. For another, the kids are absolutely in heaven when we go to Grandma's house. They only get to see their cousins once a year so they take full advantage of every moment they have together. We got a special treat this time and my grandparents from California came to visit too. They brought some fun little presents for the kids: notebooks, stickers, and pipe cleaners!

The little ones thought they were pretty big stuff because they got to go play downstairs with the big kids. :) 

Raya has 3 cousins who are the same age. Having 4 two year olds around is pretty exciting. They all have such different personalities and it was so much fun to watch them together. 
Our visit with Great-Grandpa & Grandma was pretty short but it was wonderful to see them. Great-Grandpa was pretty impressed with Raya's ingenuity when it…

Raya swallowed fries

Mark this day on the calendar! We went to dinner for Daddy's birthday and during dinner, Raya bit, chewed, and swallowed 4 whole french fries! There was no stuffing of the cheeks followed by me making her spit it all out into a napkin several times during dinner like before. Then she let me feed her a total of about a teaspoon of my mashed potatoes divided into about 20 bites while meowing. She thought she was pretty funny pretending to be a cat and letting me feed her. At one point she said, "You fee-in' me!" (you're feeding me!) and then let out a big cackle. After that, she had 3 tiny tastes of ice cream. The last one had chocolate syrup with it and she made a yuck face but insisted that she liked it. Don't know what's gotten into her but I'll take it. :) It totally made up for the other unpleasant/amusing dining experiences we've had at Applebee's. :) (you can read about those here and here.)

She's saying "my mow-feen!" Trans…

Home again and feeding pump drama

Yes, we're still alive and yes, we made it home safely. :) We packed up everything of ours that we could find at my parents' house (probably left behind some socks & underwear) and headed for the airport. It was a long and miserable ride because we'd had to leave the rental at the dealership and cram everybody into her car that's not made for as many people as we needed to fit into it, but we survived. The people at the Boise airport were SO nice to us. The airline people didn't even ask me to open my medical supply bag to verify that it was medical supplies, which I appreciated since I'd had to cram everything in like a jigsaw puzzle & was afraid I wouldn't be able to get it all back in. :) They also issued my mom a gate pass so she could help me wrangle the troops to the gate. We could have done it without her help but it was nice to have her come with us and see us off at the gate. I also got to go potty all by myself and get a hamburger while sh…

About all the fun she can stand

This girl has had about all the fun she can stand for one week.

We've had an amazing week at Grandma's house but we are all exhausted and ready to head back home and sleep in our own beds. Operative word being SLEEP. Raya hasn't done much of that this week, bless her little heart. Last night she woke up and was so angry. She wanted to be held but had a fit if I touched her at all with my hands or if I moved. She fell asleep while she nibbled on a cracker this evening and I just left her.

We are SO grateful we got to escape the Arizona heat for a week and SO grateful to have spent time with a lit if wonderful family members that we don't see often enough, but we're ready to go home and get back to our routine. (can't wait to get her back to OT again! :)

Retiring an old companion

Exactly 2 years ago this week, we said goodbye to this big clunky backpack & pump:
And hello to a much more compact and baby-friendly one. With the new pump came a new backpack, and it was small enough for a 7 month old to wear it. Sort of. :)
That poor little backpack has been through a lot. It's traveled to 5 different states, held GALLONS of formula, been dragged around, run through the washing machine, and goodness knows how many times it's been vomited on and had formula spilled in it. Raya learned how to crawl wearing this backpack:

And she learned how to walk wearing this backpack:
 After 2 years of around-the-clock use and abuse, it has seen better days. Actually, it's downright trashed. The lining has long since torn out of the inside, one of the straps has almost completely come unstitched, the padding has long since flattened out in the straps, and there's a giant hole in the top from where the heavy formula bag has pulled on the hook & velcro and sh…