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Busy girl

It's amazing how a kid can change so much so fast. Raya has made all kinds of leaps & bounds with talking and just seems so grown up lately. She makes me laugh all the time, even when she's being a pill. :) She's a total parrot lately. She repeats EVERYTHING she hears. Last night at dinner, Donny said something to one of the kids not thinking that Raya was even paying attention, and she repeated it back word for word. You still can't understand most of what she says unless it's in context but she's working hard at it.
Some of my favorite Raya words lately are:
bebbit= blanket
tubie :)
I luh loo doo!= I love you!
Diddy= Ashtyn (we call her Tinney so that's how Raya says Tinney)
Bubba= Cole
Deeda= Kaida
foh-lah= formula
dah-TEEM!= sour cream (still her favorite food :)
bee-bee Dee-us= Baby Jesus
Be nice, Mommy!
You're mean, Mommy!
dammit= stomach (which is why we encourage her to say tummy instead of stomach :)

She's been pretty creative lately with entertaining herself. She loves to get into her formula cabinet and stack the cans up as high as she can reach:

Yesterday was a doozy of a day for me (see here for explanation) and I had to take care of some things upstairs that I didn't want the girls to get into (vomit, need I say more?) so I left them downstairs while I cleaned it up. When I came back downstairs, I found Raya like this:
She had pushed the chair ALL the way across the kitchen, climbed up onto the counter, opened up the cupboards, and found a bag of candy left over from a birthday party a couple months ago. She wasn't eating any of the candy but she was having a grand time unwrapping it all. She did, however, have a big wad of gum in her mouth. She seems to really like "chewing" gum. Too bad I don't believe in giving 2 year olds gum. :) (just ask my 8 year old who still rarely gets to chew gum :)

She's also had her little bouts of the "terrible twos". She's a little bit sassy lately and she sometimes pouts when I tell her no. Then she tells me, "You're mean!" or "Be nice!" and I try to keep a straight face. :) Yesterday we went to the craft store during naptime (Mommy HAD to get out of the house!) and Raya got mad at me for not letting her hold the things I was buying, so she cried and screamed the whole time we were at the store.
It was fun. Especially the part where every time we came around a corner, everyone simultaneously turned to stare at us. It was harder to ignore the stares than it was to ignore Raya's screaming. 
Then at one point, she was leaning over to yell at me and accidentally whacked her cast on the shopping cart and it made a really loud noise. She looked at me for a second and then started banging the cast against the cart over and over to spite me. Then a couple minutes later she held up her casted arm and said, "Arm hurt" *sniff sniff*. Sorry hun, no sympathy there.
Raya wasn't the only kid screaming though. We were standing in line to pay and another little girl behind us in line was screaming too. The lady a couple people ahead of me in line started talking to the cashier and with a snide look on her face said, "Sheesh, somebody's not happy. Sounds like it's naptime. Why do parents even bring their kids to stores when it's naptime??" AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I wanted to THROW my SHOE at her! Really, lady?!? Do you not get it that sometimes things have to be done whether your child is crying or not and that moms don't enjoy listening to their kid scream any more than anybody else does?? Lucky for her there was another customer in between us or else all of the pent up frustrations of my morning would have been unleashed on her judgemental self. :)
Right before we left the store, Kaida did something to Raya's broken arm that made Raya cry really hard and by the time we walked outside, Raya's whole face, head & neck were covered with awful-looking red spots:

Thankfully once we were in the car, she fell asleep and slept for over 2 hours. Whew. :)

I've been doing better on Raya's feeding plan that her doctor & I worked out at our last visit. You wouldn't think it would be that difficult to swap out 350 calories a day of formula for real food, but it takes a lot of planning and calculating. It can be tricky to come up with a blend of foods that's high enough in calories but low enough in volume that she can take it all in at once without throwing up. I've also been doing better with remembering to get all her extra fluids in. Now that we're not running the fluids through the pump, I have to actually think about it and remember to give it to her.
Bless her little heart, I sure do love this girl and all her mischief! :)
(climbing in the shelves to try and reach the plug for the Christmas lights)


  1. "It's NOT naptime lady! She hates waiting in line, so could you please wrap up your idle chit chat so the rest of us can get on with our day?!"
    You're a better person than I. I would have said it's not naptime (even it if was). Who is she to judge? Merry Christmas Grinch!


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