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A Beautiful Christmas Indeed

I love Christmas. I can't say it enough, I just love everything about Christmas. We are so blessed to have 4 sweet children for whom the magic of Christmas is alive and real. They love to talk and learn about baby Jesus, and they get excited about Santa Claus. This year, Raya is old enough to get excited about everything too. We spent Christmas Eve with Donny's family and Raya spent quite a bit of time riding on a wooden rocking horse. Too bad she didn't ask Santa for one. :)
(I've been taking a vacation from the computer this week but hopefully I'll remember to add in pictures.) She wasn't interested in the cookies we decorated for Santa but I did look over at her once just in time to see her put a handful of strawberry frosting in her mouth. She liked it enough to have another scoop after that too. We stopped her just as she was putting some in her sister's hair though. :)
Christmas morning with a 2 year old is so much fun! She kept saying, "Wow!" to everything she saw. When we opened presents, she caught on pretty quickly to what it was all about and more than once I had to pull her out from under the tree and stop her from unwrapping other people's things. She'd pick something up and excitedly shout, "Waya pwesent!" All of the kids were excited about what they received but more importantly, they were excited about what they had picked out to give to each other. Cole had Raya's name this year so he made her a little game out of a formula can and some milk jug lids. It was small and simple and she loved it. Santa brought her a scooter so she can work on evening out her leg strength. Christmas morning was beautiful.
After the gifts were opened, it was time to get ready for church. Since it was Christmas, we gave Megan the day off and took Raya to church with us. Instead of the usual 3 hours, it was only 1 hour with no classes so we felt like it would be ok. Raya is not used to sitting through anything, let alone church. This is how she entertained herself:

You can't quite tell in the picture but her feet are tucked up in front of her and she's swinging from the back of the chair by her fingertips, WITH a fully-loaded backpack. Silly girl! :) There were some beautiful musical numbers during Sacrament meeting and she seemed to like them, but there was no way she was sitting still for anything so she and Donny spent a good part of the hour standing in the back of the room.
After church, Raya took a nap and we had our traditional Christmas dinner of various appetizers, sparkling cider, and Shirley Temples for the kids. Raya didn't eat much of anything yesterday. She had a couple of crackers but that was pretty much it. She wasn't interested in food yesterday and that's ok. Since we cycle her appetite stimulant (periactin/cyproheptadine), Saturday and Sunday are her 2 days off of it. We are definitely seeing a difference in her eating patterns when she's on it vs. when she's off of it so I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about periactin.
She started the next cycle of it today and I gave it to her in the morning to see if it would help with the insomnia & restlessness. She spent 2 hours and 45 minutes in her crib this afternoon but never went to sleep. Right as I was going in to get her up, she had disconnected her feed from the extension tube so whatever was left of her morning feed drained out if her stomach into her bed. In the rush of cleaning that mess up, someone (named Mommy) forgot to turn off the pump so when the next feed interval started, the pump fed the crib 225 ml of formula. Luckily I had left the waterproof pads in the bed when I took the first messy load of laundry out.
She's eaten pretty well today. She ate a strawberry Nutrigrain bar for breakfast, 5 tablespoons of Greek yogurt for lunch, and another 5 tablespoons of Greek yogurt for dinner. That adds up to 260 calories, which is a new PR (personal record) for her by 35 calories. We could very well be back to zero tomorrow, but for today, we are happy. That's a pretty good Christmas present for me. :) The very best Christmas present I've gotten though, aside from seeing the kids so happy and having such a great day together yesterday is this:

For the second time in a week, I've gotten to snuggle with a lightly vanilla scented sleeping toddler, and that is the best present ever! :)


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