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A new level of gross

We have reached a new level of grossness this week. If that's even a word. I'll spare you pictures but be forewarned there will be a lot of discussion of bodily fluids in this post. (I'm writing this mostly for future reference so I can tell the kids, "Look at what I went through for you! You'd better behave, Miss Teenager!" :)
First there was the bile spill on Monday when the G port extension tube broke at 5:30 in the morning and the bag emptied most of its contents into Raya's crib, mostly on and under Raya. Then there was Tuesday. Oh Tuesday. At least that time it wasn't Raya. The big kids went to a movie & to play at the splash pad with some friends and when they got home, Kaida wasn't feeling too good. She didn't feel sick to her stomach but kept saying her tummy hurt & she had a fever so I took her to the doctor. The verdict was a nasty UTI. When we got home, she didn't feel like walking into the house so I carried her into the house. She was crying a little bit and had her face burrowed in my neck. (see where this is going?) Next thing I know, she's hurling all over me. Down the front, down the back, on my feet, on her face, on my neck, in her hair, on her clothes, etc. Luckily, all she had eaten that day was a whole bunch of popcorn at the movie and popcorn vomit happens to be one of the least offensive vomits I've ever cleaned up. It wasn't stinky at all.
Wednesday we got away with just a couple of puddles of stray formula from Raya opening the medicine port on her tube. We were lucky on Wednesday. Oh, wait, there was the time when I went to get her out of bed from her nap and she had unplugged the drainage bag from her G port extension tube. Luckily, the bag stayed upright so it didn't spill but there was still bile running freely out of the extension tube into her bed and all over her shirt.
Then there was today. Today has been the grossest day yet. I woke up this morning to the unmistakeable stench of bile and a very stinky wet diaper from across the room. I didn't even want to get up and look because I could tell it was going to be bad. For the 2nd time this week, the plug end of the extension tube (where the drainage bag plugs in to the tube) had broken off. It wouldn't have been too bad if the bag had stayed right side up but no. It tipped over and poured the entire night's worth of bile onto the carpet. If it had been 2 inches to the left, it would have at least had to soak through a couple layers of blankets on the floor before it hit carpet but that would have been too easy. Going by an average of what she usually has in the bag by that time of day, it was probably about 3 1/2 ounces. Not only that, but since the tube was broken and the clamp wasn't clamped, bile was also running out all over the bed again. It went down the side of the mattress so it missed the waterproof pad and soaked into the fabric mattress cover (it's an Ikea crib). I was going to take the cover off and wash it since there are a few formula spots too but the stupid zipper wouldn't unzip so I just had to hose it off in the shower. That was the easy part. I soaked as much of the bile out of the carpet as I could with the blanket that it missed by a hair and then got out the carpet shampooer. Oh, how I love the carpet shampooer! I cleaned the spot twice and used the hose attachment to suck as much liquid out of the carpet as I could and then waited for it to dry. The good news is there's no fluorescent yellow spot on the carpet but the bad news is that our room still smells like bile (think poop+really really bad breath) and I'm not sure how to get the smell to go away. I'm now seriously considering buying a large waterproof tarp to put under her crib, especially in light of the plans to switch her back to a G tube in a couple weeks. I'm only a little bit kidding about that too. I don't want to have to pay to replace the carpet in this rental house! :)

So the grossness doesn't end there but the next part isn't as nasty. Little Miss Raya decided that she wants to "eat" whenever the big kids are eating. That's GREAT and very exciting and I almost always let her except for when her G port has been clamped for a couple hours & I need her stomach to drain. (don't want it getting clogged with anything she happens to swallow) This week, she wants bites of EVERYTHING, including whatever happens to be on the floor. I've lost count of how many crusty pieces of mystery food I've made her spit out this week. Lucky for her (and me) the big kids are fascinated by bugs right now so if they ever find any (alive or dead) they get rid of them so Raya can't get them.
Tonight, she "ate" some yogurt melts (sorry Dr. Allergy, she wanted them so I gave them to her and we'll go back to avoiding dairy after dinner) and then she wanted something else. I cut up some little tiny pieces of banana and she stuffed them in her mouth. Then she decided she really didn't like them so she spit them out all over the place. I think she's starting to learn the concept of using water to rinse out her mouth though, which is also exciting. She really likes to get drinks of water, especially out of the big kids' water bottles with the pop-up tops. She still doesn't know how to suck on any kind of sippy cup or anything so those work pretty well for her. Anyway, the gross part was when I gave her a cracker to nibble on and then started fixing the big kids' dinner plates. When I turned back around, she had the entire mushed up cracker in her mouth and was grunting for a drink. I told her she needed to spit it out so out this giant glob of cracker mush plopped onto the high chair tray, and then she picked it up and started playing with it like it was play-doh. If her daddy had been home, he would have had to look away.
So yeah, it's gross at our house this week. Add in the 112 degree temperatures and me being too cheap to turn the AC below 83 degrees and there's probably some sweaty stink in there too. That completes my brief summary of why my house probably smells.


  1. That is pretty gross. Clean your house with vinegar, it will get rid of the stink. The vinegar smell will go away too. Good luck!


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