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A very long rundown of our week

This hasn't been Raya's best week/weekend. Last Tuesday when Donny put Raya to bed, he noticed that she felt a little warm. She did a lot of coughing/sputtering (like when you accidentally inhale water) overnight & in the early morning. Wednesday morning when I got her up, she had a fever of 101.5. I don't give my kids motrin/tylenol for a fever until I know what's causing the fever so I just watched her for the day and switched her formula out for pedialyte that day (with approval of her GI dr, of course). Her PT came Wednesday morning & Raya was pretty cooperative in spite of the fact that you could tell she didn't feel good. Most of the times she's had fevers before, they're gone the next day so I decided we'd wait until Thursday & if she still had the fever, I'd take her to the doctor. She was pretty happy all afternoon, especially since the big kids all went to a friend's house so she had my undivided attention. :)

She's singing to me :)
 She sat next to me and sang along to the music I had playing and we "chatted". Our chats consist of me saying "Ray-a" and then she echoes it back to me. She can say her name but she doesn't quite know what she's supposed to do with her tongue so this is what it looks like when she says her name:
 She was pretty happy the rest of the day even though I could tell she didn't feel good.
On Thursday morning I got her up and she still had a fever. I took her in the shower and instead of causing all kinds of havoc like she normally does, she stood in one place and hugged a shampoo bottle and that was it. Then she started sucking on a wet washcloth (which made me happy since she doesn't suck on things). I picked her up (still holding the shampoo bottle and washcloth) and she laid her head on my shoulder and fell asleep in the shower. SO not normal for her. I got her out and wrapped her in a towel & laid her on the floor and she just stayed there sucking on the washcloth & hugging the shampoo bottle while I got dressed. It was cute but sad at the same time.
When I got her dressed and then all she wanted to do was sit on my lap & cuddle, I KNEW she was sick & called the pediatrician's office. Of course that was the one time that they could get her in an hour later, so I had to rush everybody (the kids were home on spring break) and take her to the doctor. I had Cole hold her for me while I got ready to go, and she just sat on his lap (sort of), which was another clue that she REALLY didn't feel good. She NEVER just sits on someone's lap, let alone one of her siblings!

Luckily they behaved really well for being bored to death and having to wait longer than people should have to wait when they have 4 kids in a tiny exam room. Finally the doctor came in and confirmed what I suspected: another ear infection. It was in her left ear, same as last time, so either the azithromycin we used last time didn't work or she just happened to get another one in the same ear. Either way, we decided to try something different this time so she prescribed Omnicef (cefdinir?). On the way out the door, she said, "Oh, and don't freak out if it makes her poop red. It can do that." And boy was she not kidding! I'll spare the details but, wow it was gross. Shockingly, Raya let the doctor feel around in her mouth and she said there are a couple of big fat molars working their way in. I had noticed the tooth on the top right side (next to her front tooth) had just popped through but she doesn't usually let fingers into her mouth.
That afternoon, my mom flew in for a weekend visit and the nice thing about Raya not feeling good was that she lost some of her energy to care about who was holding her, just as long as someone was holding her. They got in some good snuggle time.
Friday she was feeling a little better (no more fever) and was happy & pleasant while we ran a whole bunch of errands all morning & afternoon. She even shocked me by letting me give her little tiny bits of milk out of my cereal!! Of course it was just a game to her and she was teasing me but she swallowed a little bit. I think the cold metal spoon helped. The girl loves cold stuff.

I got a little choked up the first time I looked at this picture.
 In the evening, we left all 4 of the kids with my mom and went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant which turned out to be really gross. (Seriously, who puts zucchini in fajitas??) It was one of very few times we have been able to leave the house together without any kids because I'm just not comfortable getting very far away from Raya in case something happens. I need to start using that respite care she's been approved for. :)

Everything was fine while we were gone, of course. :) Raya has decided that she really likes sitting on the bottom stair. Or boxes & toys that are about that height. She'll locate her target, turn around, slowly back up, and then sit. She's getting better at hitting her target. :)

Saturday was a really busy day for us. Raya's oldest sister Ashtyn just turned 8 and got baptized on Saturday morning. We got everyone dressed up, squirted Raya's meds in her tube, got her water+formula mixture ready, and headed out the door. She and Kaida wore matching dresses that GramE brought them and they looked so pretty!
I noticed on Saturday that Raya's forehead looked a little splotchy but it was really tiny so I didn't think it was anything. BUT...
Sunday morning we got everybody ready and went to church and while we were sitting there (and I use the term sitting loosely because Raya doesn't allow whoever is holding her to sit and we don't allow her to run all over church), I noticed that her neck, chest, back and upper arms were covered with a splotchy rash. Fabulous. As the 3 hours of church went on, her rash spread to her stomach & legs and the spots on her upper arms turned into bumps. I made an executive decision to discontinue the Omincef and crossed my fingers that the rash would go away and not get worse. Luckily it started to fade pretty much as soon as we got past the time of day when she would have been due for her next dose of Omnicef. She started to feel worse again and had about 8-10 retching episodes. She would cough a little, then inhale, then cough until she gagged, then vomit & eventually get something to come out. During those episodes and in between some of them, she was really subdued and didn't move much. You could tell when she felt better because she'd get all happy & start playing again or want to get down off your lap. That went on all afternoon & evening yesterday.
I called the ped's office this morning and the doctor called in another prescription for azithromycin so hopefully this time it will do the trick. I think there may have been an issue the last time she was on it with the spacing between that and her other meds. Nobody bothered to tell me that she had to have 2 hours between the zithromax and the prilosec or else the prilosec would bind to the zithromax and prevent it from being absorbed. Minor detail that would have been good to know. Hopefully things will go better this time around and hopefully the antibiotics won't throw off her GI tract.
And that's our week. :)


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