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Conclusively inconclusive

Have I used that title before? I feel like I have. Yesterday was a very busy day for the little girl. She started off the day at her pediatrician's office for her 15 month well check, where we found out that she has an ear infection. Luckily since she didn't have a fever, we were still able to get her 15 month shots. She wasn't a fan of that, of course. Her official 15 month stats are 23 lbs 14 oz (64th percentile) and 30 inches (30-50th percentile, depending on which website you look at :). In other words, she's a healthy weight and is WAAAAAYYYYY bigger than the other kids were at her age. Kaida's only 4 1/2 pounds heavier than Raya right now and she's 2 years older. :)

Aside from the tubes, she looks pretty darn healthy to me :)
After we were done getting shots & a prescription for the ear infection (that explains the fever she had the other day and the return of her runny nose, by the way), we headed to the pharmacy to pick up a couple of her prescriptions. For once in their lives, the pediatrician's office was actually running on schedule (seriously the first time that's EVER happened in the 5 years we've been going there) so we had time to kill between the pediatrician & OT.
I should also mention that we made another change to her feeding regimen yesterday so that instead of putting just water in her G tube, we're doing 7oz water+1oz formula mixed together. We still do 30ml every half hour but we're testing her a little bit to see how her body handles a tiny bit of formula in the water.
As good as her OT went last week, that's how not good it was this week. She really wasn't in the mood to cooperate. Who could blame her with an ear infection & 3 shots though. Her OT put her in a high chair and dumped some applesauce on the tray & tried to get her to play in it but she was completely uninterested. She slapped her hand in it once and that was it. The OT stacked up some blocks in the applesauce & she whacked them down a couple times, but then she was just DONE. As we were cleaning her hands off, I don't know if it was because we had made her play with a texture she didn't like or because of the formula in the water, but she gagged really loud and then just started puking her little guts out. She played for a little while after that but then she just ran out of steam towards the end. Then we hurried home so I could get the food ready for her allergy testing. Raya wasn't hooked up to her backpack for the first part of the appointment so rather than try to hold her the whole time, I let her amuse herself:

So back to the conclusively inconclusive thing. That's pretty much the results of her allergy testing. We did fresh food scratch testing with 10 foods and they also did a negative control and a positive histamine control. This was my first experience with fresh food testing but it was the same as regular scratch testing only with samples of the actual foods. This is what it looked like:
As you can see in the picture, not a single one of them swelled up at all, including the positive histamine control that's SUPPOSED to swell up. When the doctor came in, he was kind of scratching his head because that's not supposed to happen. He said something to Raya like, "Why are you making this difficult?" and I said, "Because her name is Raya and that's just how she operates." Seriously, kid, can't we just have ONE test show helpful results?? After reviewing her medications again, he thinks that the one she's on to keep her from dry heaving all night/morning long is supressing the histamine reaction so it threw off the results of the test. We discussed the options and decided that for now, we can either start with oatmeal, rice, applesauce and bananas one at a time and VERY slowly (like 1/8tsp for 3 days, then 1/4tsp for 3 days, then 1/2tsp, etc. until she's getting a full serving) and see how she does with it OR if her GI doctor wants to, we can pull her off of the med that's affecting the test results for a few days and repeat the testing. Since she goes to her GI next week, we're going to hold off on doing anything and wait & see what she wants to do next.
By the time we were done with appointment #3, Raya had been poked/scratched 15 times and thrown up 4 times and just wanted to go home. (and by the way, I never would have scheduled 3 appointments on the same day intentionally but sometimes you have to take whatever appointment you can get even if they're all on the same day)

And finally, I might just be a big dork but I found this amusing:


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