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Experiments with food & matchy-matchy girls (Tues 7-6-10)

Last year, July was a pretty crappy month for us and we couldn't wait for it to be over. Not to mention the insanely long streak of blistering heat last year. Anyway, this year June was a really busy month for us, as was May, April, March, etc. We had a lot of fun in June & were sad to say goodbye to our family & friends that we visited in Idaho & Utah but I was SOOOO looking forward to coming home & being done with a lot of the craziness that we had in June. This week is the first week since the end of February that I haven't had to take someone to a doctor or therapy appointment and it has been GREAT! Today we just stayed home all day & didn't have to go anywhere or do anything. I got some things done in the house & cooked food for dinner for the 2nd day in a row, which hasn't happened for a while. :)

So while we were in Idaho, I thought about buying some fireworks to bring home to the land where fireworks are illegal. I decided it wasn't worth accidentally torching something & going to jail so we just stuck with what IS legal here. Drumroll please...

Yeah, that's as exciting as it got for us. :) Fortunately, our kids are very easy to please & were thrilled to have pop-its & watch Donny & I light 40 glow worms on fire. Some new neighbors joined us after they heard the racket we were making in the garage alley & we all walked over to a park when it got dark to watch some nearby fireworks.

After the fireworks, we came home & the kids took showers & got jammies on. I sat down on the couch to watch fireworks on tv & before long, everyone was sitting on top of me. It took me forever but I'm finally popular. :)

In other exciting news of July 4th, Ashtyn lost another tooth. It was quite the ordeal. It was barely even hanging there and being the cruel people that we are, Donny & I made her pull it out herself. Actually, I offered her a quarter & a starburst if she'd do it herself. I knew she'd be really proud of herself if she did it because she was really scared, but since she was scared, it turned into a 2 hour long ordeal. When she finally had it so loose that she could get her finger all the way under it, Donny "accidentally" bumped her hand to make sure that it came out when she was trying to pull it. She freaked out for a second but then she was pretty excited.

And in other exciting news, I walked into the kitchen to find Miss Ray-ray like this:

I was totally shocked because she had never sat unsupported like that for more than 5 seconds or so, and also because I had left her in the living room, hence the stretched out tube on the floor. Now she has to wear her backpack no matter how much she dislikes it because otherwise, she ends up getting too far away from it & causes problems. Like yesterday when she kept crawling (sort of) until her NG tube came out. :)

Since we got back from Idaho, all Cole wants to do is play with my Legos that we brought back with us. His favorite Lego guy is One-armed Joe. That's what he decided to name him. He was my very first Lego guy and I don't remember exactly what tragic accident claimed his left arm but Cole found a motorcycle in my lego bucket that was missing the left handlebar so he's taking good care of One-armed Joe & making sure he's got suitable transportation. :)

Raya can sit well enough now to be in the high chair without a bunch of towels stuffed around her. She seems to like it too:

Don't be fooled by the fact that she's got a carrot in her mouth. That was an experiment that the feeding therapist suggested. 5 seconds later she dropped it on the floor. Thanks to all of the additional vomiting she's been doing lately, she now wants nothing to do with food and gags & throws up when food goes into her mouth on a spoon. She also seems to have lost her desire to swallow food but that might just be because I was feeding her peas & who wants to eat peas anyway. :)

I hit up the clearance at Children's Place yesterday & got my little girlies matchy-matchy outfits. Kaida was excited, which is good because I'm trying to get her excited about hanging out with me & Raya while the big kids start school next month. Raya was about to fall asleep but she humored me anyway. I think Kaida looks like such a big girl in these pictures!! It must be her long flowing hair. :)

And finally, now that Raya has been sentenced to wearing her backpack most of the time, this is how I've found her a couple of times today:

I know I'm biased but that is so darn cute!


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