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The Busiest Week of my Life!! (Tues 2-23-10)

Last week was quite possibly the busiest week of my entire life thus far. Or at least the part where I've been a wife & mother. After church on Valentine's Day, we loaded up a RIDICULOUS amount of stuff into the car and headed to Donny's parents' house for an overnighter. (I realized another thing I don't like about having a formula-fed baby: if you were to happen to forget your formula or not have enough, the baby will starve. Luckily this didn't happen but the thought was scary.) We had a lovely evening eating stew and rolls and watching the Olympics while Grandpa pretended to chase the kids around the house. He probably would have chased them more if his horse hadn't smashed his foot.
Monday morning, we bummed around for a while and then went to a little carnival that was in town for the weekend. We got there a little early so one child, who shall remain unnamed, was particularly cranky & impatient:

It wasn't Cole, although he did somehow manage to make it to Grandma & Grandpa's with nothing but flip-flops. His feet were disgusting by the time we left.
We weren't sure how much the kids would like the rides since one of them has a reputation for being somewhat chickenish:

(Ashtyn, not Grandma :) and another one just wanted to be held by Mommy, who was already holding Raya:
Oh, and that reminds me of something. I'm being completely judgemental here, but carnies are strange people. A good portion of the ones there were probably undocumented immigrants, but the ones who spoke English were just plain strange. Especially the toothless lady (and I use that term very loosely) who saw that I was holding a baby (who was completely covered up by a blanket because she had been having a really rough morning and was finally asleep and it was windy), she walked up to me while shreiking, "Oh, a baby!! How cute!!" (She was COVERED so you don't even know if she's cute!) Then as I'm trying to subtly back away & hold on to the blanket and tell her that Raya's sleeping, she proceeds to grab the blanket and pull it off Raya's face and look at her. I could smell the cigarettes & didn't even want to think about what the lady's hands had been touching before she put them all over Raya's blanket but I think I sent off a "go away" vibe. I felt guilty for judging her & thinking it was gross but it was gross.

ANYWHOO, once the carnival opened & the rides started, the kids has a blast. Ashtyn was getting pretty wild & crazy and it was funny to watch her since she's not really like that most of the time. :)
Donny & I convinced the kids to let us take them in the haunted house. I wish we'd gotten a picture of us coming out of it because as soon as we got inside the doorway, they were all begging to get out. :) Donny & I laughed the whole way through it as we dragged/pulled/pushed/& carried them outside. :)
As long as Kaida was on a ride, she looked like this:
As soon as she got off of one, she looked like this:
She has really been working hard on perfecting her full-body pout. I think she's got it down.
The pout morphed into a wrestling match to get her buckled into her carseat and then a crying fest pretty much all the way back to Grandma & Grandpa's with a short break at BK where she drank chocolate milk but didn't eat lunch. :)
After we'd had all the fun we could stand for one afternoon, we went back & packed up our stuff & headed home. Then I went grocery shopping and probably got to bed around midnight.
Monday also marked 1 year since our cousins lost their little baby Gunner to SIDS. My heart ached for them all day that day & always will. Whoever said that time heals all wounds didn't know what they were talking about.
Woke up at 4am because Ashtyn was hacking up a lung or 2 and I could hear her breathing from 10 feet away. She wanted to lay down with me which I normally don't mind but she was breathing so loud that I couldn't go back to sleep. I thought she probably had pneumonia so I called her in sick for school & took her to the doctor, but not before I cleaned up a vomit mess and poop mess from Raya and scolded Cole for taking my contact lenses out of the case and throwing them in the garbage can because he didn't like the way they felt when he touched them.
The doctor said Ashtyn didn't have pneumonia, she was just wheezing a lot & needed a breathing treatment & oral steroid and that we need to keep in mind that she may have asthma & watch out for it. It was super fun taking 4 kids to the doctor's office, by the way. After that we came home, no one took naps, and it was a very long day. After they had been fed dinner & gone to bed, I had a meeting for my new calling working with the 13-14 year old girls at church so I was out until 11:00.
Woke up at 4 again to the sounds of Cole coughing in an overly dramatic fashion, gave him a dose of Ashtyn's oral steroid & sent him back to bed. Fed Raya, made Ashtyn go back to bed, took Raya to her bed & laid down in my bed only to realize after 7-8 times of getting in & out of bed that I was not going to be able to successfully remove the booger that was whistling in her nose and that she was not going to be happy as long as she was laying flat in her bed, so I returned to the couch around 5:30. I had a total of 4 hours of sleep that night and they weren't all in a row. It was a bummer. Then I took Ashtyn to school & felt a little guilty about that but there was no way I could take all 4 kids to Cole's allergist appt & Raya's GI appt so off she went.
At the allergist, we were told that Cole now officially has asthma. Awesome. So he was given his own prescription for the same oral steroid as Ashtyn and 2 other things & we were sent on our way. After that, we went to Raya's GI dr's office so she could get weighed again. She had only gained 4 oz & tested positive for blood in her stool again & had been vomiting all weekend. After that, we went home & ate lunch and then went to pick Ashtyn up since they got out early that day. We came back home & then a little while later I went to parent-teacher conferences. As soon as I left the school, I went to the church to set up for the young women's activity that night and then I went home & baked 3 pans of brownies. When Donny got home I left & went to the church for the activity, which was lovely. :) We cleaned up afterwards & then I came home & got to work on some paperwork I had been ignoring that really needed to be done. By the time I got finished with that, I was pretty pumped that I had survived the day so I gathered up all the laundry (which went pretty much from one end of the hall to the other) and sorted it into 6 loads. Then I went to sleep. It was a very long day.
Spent most of the day trying to recover from Wednesday but also managed to do 6 loads of laundry (which ended up in a giant mound in the living room) and play at the park with friends. Then we picked up Ashtyn & Skylar at school so Brooke could have her parent-teacher conference, & I don't really remember what happened after that except that my 2 big kids had 'roid rage. Seriously.
Friday is a blur too except that we went to a really nice dinner for Donny's grandparents' 63rd anniversary. We left the 3 big kids at home with a fabulous babysitter and had a little date with Raya & 30 of Donny's relatives. :)
It was a really REALLY busy week and it was nice to just relax most of the day Saturday.


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