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Bye bye Kangaroo Joey, Hello Enteralite Infinity! (Sun 6-13-10)

There's lots to catch up on from this week! Last Saturday the kids' gymnastics gym had a wellness fair instead of classes so after Donny got home from teaching his class, we loaded up & headed over. The big kids got to jump on trampolines, do obstacle courses, play games, and learn about nutrition.
While they were doing their stuff, Kaida was beyond thrilled to get to play in the preschool area of the gym. She was in HEAVEN! So were we because we ran them hard to wear them out so they'd take naps. :)

Other events of the week included Donny leaving town for part of the week for work, which of course made for a very busy few days for me. Luckily, Raya only had 2 appointments this week instead of the usual 4 and one of them was feeding therapy which we do at home. It was also nice that the big kids had their music theater camp that they've been going to and the young women were at girls' camp so I didn't have an activity to go to this week.
Just for the purpose of reassuring Donny that I wasn't sitting around eating bon-bons all week, a few of the things we did while he was gone included:
laundry (which I miraculously got kids to fold and put away)
went swimming with all 4 kids by myself (the bribe for putting away laundry :)
cooked dinner 3 nights in a row (amazing, I know)
went grocery shopping
cleaned up a minor flood
unclogged a toilet with about half a roll of toilet paper in it (cause of aformentioned flood)
got a couple kids to take naps once or twice
wore the kids out enough that they were in bed asleep by 7:30 every night
made an emergency trip to the church to get a spare key to the YW cabinet
loaded & delivered my contributions to girls' camp
cleaned up a LOT of poop & puke, which Donny usually takes a share of (not flu puke, just Raya puke. he won't touch the real stuff. :)
Etc. etc. You get my point, dearest husband, it was a busy week. :)
The kids missed Daddy while he was gone. Especially the older 2. Ashtyn read a book about tornadoes in Texas and so they were afraid a tornado would get him while he was gone. :)
When he got home, he found this lovely present & notes next to his bed:
His children know him very well. In case you can't tell, they made him a "gun" out of a water bottle and other miscellaneous household items. He was touched. :)
This girl keeps posing like this for the camera and it makes me laugh:

She's also at the blessed age of sleeping with the bum in the air. Oh, how I love that stage! :)
She turned 7 months on Thursday. Time flies when your baby keeps you on your toes like she has for us. Life with her is kind of crazy but I'm grateful for all of the alone time I've gotten to have with her. Not so much the refilling the feed bag in the middle of the night alone time, but I love all the time we get when we're going to all of her appointments.
She's getting so big! I took these pictures Thursday after I had taken her tube out to change it and taken her helmet off to give her a much-needed bath. (pics are pre-bath though, hence crusty hair & helmet lines :) She's getting so big! I feel like she's gigantic even though she's probably still hovering around 25%. She hasn't been weighed for a couple weeks but I would guess she's probably passed up Kaida's 1 year old weight of 16 lbs 11 oz already. That's why I feel like she's huge. :) She's still trying to grow into those 6-9 month clothes though.
On Friday, the kids were delighted to get a package in the mail from Uncle Corey & Auntie Karen. There were all sorts of little treasures in it and they were SOOOO excited!
Last but definitely not least, we are bidding a fond farewell to Raya's old feeding pump:

and hello to her new, more compact & mover-friendly model:
How stinkin' cute is that? :) There were a lot of things I liked about the old pump but now that she's moving around a lot & almost crawling, it was getting knocked over a lot which made air get in the line and the pump would stop so I'd have to unhook her and re-prime the line, etc. It was a huge pain. Now she has one that's made for active kids & it will work much better for her.


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