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Monday, April 20, 2015

Juggling cats

I feel like I'm juggling cats right now. Well, I suppose I can't really say that because I've never actually juggled cats so I don't know for SURE that this is what it feels like, but ugh, it's got to be close to it. So much to do, and so little time to do it all! I've hit my end-of-the-school-year wall about 3 weeks early this year and we are officially to the drag our butts across the finish line phase. Throw in the most awful allergy season in the entire 13.5 years I've lived in this state and a few germs and we're just a hot mess around here. I have a bunch of projects with deadlines all of a sudden and our poor respite provider keeps getting sick and having to cancel, which makes it hard for me to do anything during the day when Raya is home. The school health aide at my big kids' school has had me on speed dial lately for one reason or another. After picking one kid up early from school and then a trip to the allergy & asthma doctor today, it turns out that my dear boy, who had been officially discharged as an asthma patient last June, has not outgrown his asthma after all. He scored a whopping 57% on his lung function test and we left with 3 new prescriptions and a signed asthma action plan to have on file at school, just in time for his field trip on Wednesday to an outdoor location 2 hours away. (really, I am grateful that we got it in time for the field trip, just bummed that it's gotten this bad) On the bright side, it sounds like he will qualify for an asthma study and that would cover his medications, so yay for that.

I know this sounds like complaining but really it's just my way of saying, Wow, there is a lot going on right now. Being a mom is my "job" and it's the only job I ever really wanted. I am really grateful that I am able to do all of this and be there for my kids.

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