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Thursday, April 16, 2015

It shouldn't be this hard.

I had a meeting yesterday. It was not an IEP meeting, but rather a meeting to discuss the re-evaluation we will be doing to determine whether or not she will continue to qualify for an IEP going into kindergarten. What I did not know was that we would also be discussing concerns and needs for kindergarten, nor did I expect to hear the phrase "We don't have the staff for that" as many times as I did. I expected to have mountains to climb but was not expecting to be confronted with them yesterday and was not really prepared for those discussions. Now that I know the areas that I will meet resistance on, I can at least start preparing my case and finding out what rights & protections we have for those things. I'm telling myself that's a good thing. I am also hoping and praying that it will not be as difficult as I am now afraid it's going to be to get what she needs (and we are not asking for anything unreasonable), and my prayers will be more specific now that I know what we're up against.

I know I'm being vague but it would not be in anyone's best interest to discuss details, especially when we are in the very beginning of the process. Here's what I will say though. It should not be this difficult or stressful to send a 5 year old child to kindergarten and know that they will be safe and adequately and appropriately cared for at school. I should not have a gnawing pain in the pit of my stomach when I so much as think about the concerns we have for keeping Raya healthy and safe in school, and I should not have to feel like the burden of proving not only what her needs are but how significantly they may impact her education is upon me. I could go on, but for now I'm going to stop and work on getting my ducks in a row before the reevaluation testing next week.

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  1. I agree. It should be easy. Everyone should come to the table asking one question, "what can we do, what can I do, to make sure this child is successful, safe, and adequately supported during this year of her education". Sadly, even in the best school districts, it often doesn't happen. This is why we, as parents, have to fight, even if it's a small fight.

    I went through this many years ago and my advice is always, read the law, check out IDEA big time, and call an advocate. You don't have to have the advocate with you if you don't want him/her there (though they rock at an ARD meeting as they are wright's law right in front of you giving you advice on what your child is entitled to), but they are great to advise on things you can ask for, things she should get, and come backs for common objections.


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