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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Breakin' It

We are on spring break and have had company in town (a rare occurrence!) so I've been MIA. We have had a very busy but good week so far. I'll share more later but for now, here's Raya's latest self-portrait from OT:
It is an absolute gem and probably my favorite one she's done so far. She started with the head, then drew the body, eyes, arms, and legs. Then she added the feet, toes, hands, and fingers. She also added her heart, ears (first time she's ever put ears on!), hair, nose, mouth, the 3 tiny scratches she currently has on her forehead, and the little black mark in the middle of the heart is her G tube. I love this picture!

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  1. I am digging that picture, Raya!!! Very cool, especially all the extra touches.


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