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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Tinkerbell is a little under the weather today. Enough so that she didn't go to school this morning and we had to reschedule her out-of-state motility testing that was supposed to be next week. Nobody wants to do anesthesia on a kid with a cough/upper respiratory infection. Baby sister isn't feeling good either. She has croup and was having a rough day Thursday so she's on an oral steroid that seems to be helping. (but baby 'roid rage isn't fun for anybody) Raya also has cellulitis on her arm again just like she did in July, so she's on another 10 day round of antibiotics for that. Blech. In spite of it all, we got everybody dressed up for Halloween and they all had fun trick-or-treating. In short sleeves. Halloween is one day that we especially love living in this very warm place. :)


  1. She's beautiful :) I am a med student and I initially visited this website because it contained real life information about GI disorders(nothing is ever the way the textbooks describe it) but I really like you're kids they are all adorable and I enjoy reading the non medical(sometimes funny) stuff too.You have a nice family!

  2. Wonder Woman and Tinkerbell is my favorite picture all day! And by the way, the pics you take of your kids are always so amazing!! They are all adorable, super photogenic, and you are a totally rockin the photographer gig :)


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