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Monday, January 13, 2014

Milestones of the fine motor variety

I've whined a lot lately about various things but I promise, that's not all I do. :) Raya is really turning into a big kid these days and she's hit some pretty exciting milestones in the past week.

She's been going to preschool for 1 year and 2 months now. This year, the kids start out every single morning by writing their name on a laminated card with a dry erase crayon. At the beginning of the year, the kids all started out with cards that had each of their names in large letters. The point was for the kids to come in and find their name and then trace the letters. Once they had mastered tracing the letters in their names, (as well as a 3-4 year old can master that) they moved on to a card that had their name in small letters with space below for them to write the letters on their own. When they had that down, they moved on to a blank card. For probably 2 months or more, there have only been a couple of kids that were still using the cards with their names in small letters. All the rest had moved on to blank cards. As of Friday, Raya and one other boy were the only ones not using blank cards yet. I usually don't hang around while Raya writes her name but Friday I had to syringe bolus a little bit of formula so she could have a backpack-free school day and be hungry in time for feeding therapy, so by the time I was done, she had finished writing her name. I was impressed!
Pretty good, huh? (pardon the squinty eyes, she was having a really sensitive eye day for some reason) She was very proud of herself and I was very proud of her. :) She has her own rather unique way of forming the letters. I hope that letting her do it her own way right now isn't counterproductive in the future when she needs to learn how to form them correctly but for now, girlfriend can write her own name and that's pretty awesome. As of today, she is now using a blank card to write her name. :)

The other exciting milestone happened at OT on Friday afternoon. I had to leave as soon as OT started to go to a GI appointment with a friend for moral support. I left Raya with her OT and Donny came to get her. While I was gone, Raya must have gotten frustrated with wanting her sweatshirt zipped and not being able to get it zipped herself. I've shown her before how to do it but sometimes it just takes a few reminders before it clicks, and whatever her OT said or did was what happened to make it click. When I got home, she showed me that she can now zip her jacket by herself {sort of}. I did have to help a teensy bit with getting the little bar thing all the way into the zipper pull but she got it almost all the way in by herself and zipped the zipper all the way to the top by herself.
Hooray for fine motor skills! :) Now if we can just master sleeping through the night...  I have a feeling that Raya and baby sister and I will be having some fun parties in the middle of the night in about 5 more weeks. :)

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