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Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween '13 and the Aftermath

Ah, the obligatory Halloween post. I love Halloween but truth be told, I wouldn't have minded skipping the actual holiday this year. I love October and I love the buildup to Halloween but I had no desire to get everybody dressed up for a second time and go trick-or-treating. Of course we did it anyway though. Barely. I was THIIIIIIIS close to sending the kids to bed at 5pm!

We went very low-key with costumes this year, meaning that I didn't make any of them and they pretty much came up with their own. Ashtyn and I did make the poodle skirt a couple of months ago, at which point I told her it would make a great Halloween costume. Cole put his own ninja costume together and the little girls picked dresses from the dress-up box.

(and yes, Ashtyn wore those wedge heels trick-or-treating but to her credit, she never complained.)

Raya was happy to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween, round 2, and Kaida wore the Ariel dress again. The girls were thrilled that Mommy put makeup on them and Raya loved that I painted her nose black. I even put on my own little 5 minute costume (that looked WAY better on Pinterest, of course)
Yes, there really is a baby in there. You can tell a little better from this angle:
 It's another girl and I'm doing my best to not speculate as to whether she'll spit up/vomit as much as her 3 older sisters but I'm also not holding my breath. We will find out in February, I suppose.

Seeing the kids all excited & happy helped me forget what little stinkers they had been for the previous 2 hours so after Donny got home from work at 6, we ended up having a lovely time trick-or-treating. Not to mention how wonderful it feels to be outside in the gorgeous weather we've been having. We stayed out for about an hour and a half, which is way longer than we usually go, but we were with friends the whole time so it was really fun.
Ashtyn & our 2 cute neighbor friends

I tried to get pictures of Raya but she practically ran from house to house the whole time and I couldn't get any decent ones. I had forgotten to give her the "nigh-night medicine" before we left (at the regularly scheduled time) so she got more and more wired as we went on. I had to laugh when we got home because I had left a bowl of candy on the front porch for trick-or-treaters and half of it was still there. I guess that's what happens when you leave lame candy out.
Don't tell Raya I called her candy lame.

I wasn't sure how Raya would do with the whole trick-or-treating for candy that she couldn't have the majority of but she didn't care about the candy itself, she was just thrilled to be doing what the big kids were doing. When we got home, everybody dumped their candy out on the table. We always let the kids each pick 5 things to eat over the next few days and then they get to eat something before they go to bed, and that's it. The rest of it gets packed up and we all share it. There is PLENTY to go around and it should last us a long time.
Pretty, isn't it? We decided to make an activity out of sorting it and they LOVED it. We figured it was a good exercise for them. I can't believe how much candy there was.

This sweet little thing was worn out by the time we got home. True to form though, you never would have guessed it by the way she was acting. After she got her medicine, she started to settle down a bit and had a nice snuggle on Daddy's lap.
After the candy was all sorted and everybody had picked out their 5 things, everybody went to bed. And Donny and I ate candy. Believe you me, all the work I put into getting 4 kids to do homework, eat dinner, get costumes on, and take them trick-or-treating when I really didn't want to do it more than justified me eating their candy!

Poor little Raya was 2 hours late getting to sleep and the combination of that plus all the extra energy she had used running from house to house for 90 minutes PLUS having her periactin dose at night just wore her out. I had to wake her up and physically get her out of bed Friday morning to get her ready for school, which I didn't really think she was going to make it to. She wouldn't even walk from one room to the next when I was getting her ready for school. We were so short on time that I didn't have time to get her backpack & pump ready, so we did a 2 ounce bolus (and I almost made her puke) and packed her a baggie of potato chips and headed off to school. She was so tired that she wouldn't even stand up when I got her out of the car and I had to carry her all the way to her classroom. I thought once she got there she'd perk up, and I really thought she'd enjoy having a day off of her pump at school.

When I got back to pick her up, she looked like a zombie. Usually each kid comes running to the door as their parent steps up to sign them out on the clipboard. Raya saw me, waved a little, and then just stood there and looked at me. She wouldn't even walk to the door so I had to pick her up and carry her to the car. She didn't fight me on buckling her seatbelt for her either, so I knew she was tired. She fell asleep before we even got out of the parking lot and when we got to therapy, she was still out cold.
I thought for sure she'd wake up once we got inside because she usually does. This time, she must have just been too exhausted. She slept through the ENTIRE feeding therapy appointment! We tried numerous times {very carefully} to wake her up but she just couldn't do it. After that, it was time for OT. We did get her to kind of wake up for that but she was still in a bit of a daze. Her therapist thought that maybe starting with massage & joint compressions would help wake her up but after about 15 minutes, she'd had enough. She wanted out of there and didn't want anything to do with her therapist, whom she loves dearly, and seeing that was a pretty clear sign that it was time to leave. I had planned on leaving early anyway because there was an awards assembly at the kids' school so instead of getting there late, we were 20 minutes early. By then, Raya was awake and CRABBY. Not to mention starving. I had planned on her eating a lot at feeding therapy since she didn't have her usual 8 ounce formula feed at school but it's kind of hard to eat by mouth while you're sleeping. Thankfully, I had brought the last 3 of her mini chocolate cupcakes that we made the week before and once she stopped throwing a fit about not having frosting on them, she sat and nibbled on them all through the very LONG assembly. (2+ hours!!) That held her over until we got home & fed her some formula. The plus side was that she ate 3 cupcakes, which made her thirsty enough to drink about 6 ounces of water, and that calorie-wise, she really wasn't that far behind for the day since the cupcakes were pretty high in calories.
She loves her stroller. It's her little happy place, especially since the shade pulls down pretty far and she can block people out when she's feeling anti-social.

Aside from all of the very long stretches in between, she really liked seeing the big kids get their awards. Ashtyn got one for her reading goal and one for honor roll, Cole got one for his reading goal, and Kaida got one of the character awards.
 Kaida was a tad worn out too. You wouldn't think that going to bed at 8 instead of 7 would make that big of a difference but she was tired, as evidenced by the sad but adorable crying faced picture. I went to take a picture of her with her award after the kindergarten-2nd graders' assembly was over and she was bawling because she wanted me to take her home. I couldn't right then because I still had to sit through the 3rd & 4th grade assembly and the 5th & 6th grade assembly, so I just had to hug her and send her back to class. So sad!

Raya really was not herself the rest of the afternoon & evening. Aside from when she's been really sick with a high fever, I've never seen her so exhausted. It had me a little concerned, actually. It took her most of the weekend to bounce back and she was still pretty tired until this afternoon & evening when she finally seemed to be back to her normal self. And then she had a wicked poop-splosion this evening that left my overly sensitive sense of smell reeling and resulted in some clothes that were beyond salvaging being thrown in the trash and a shower/tub that still needs to be bleached. It was bad. And I could tell what she ate for dinner last night which is probably also not good. And she's having another low-level allergic reaction to something (probably egg) which was part of the reason for the poop-splosion and is also not good. Good thing she's cute.

And that, my friends, was our Halloween weekend.

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  1. Congrats on the upcoming addition! Our Halloween was similar - Knox really loved running around in his dinosaur costume and having candy be put into his bucket. I worried about his reaction to having most of it taken away but he was totally fine. He couldn't have cared less about the candy. Which means more for me :) Our sleepy problem wasn't nearly as extreme as yours, but it did take a couple days to get back to normal. Just in time for daylight savings time to kick in. Three days of 4:30am wake ups are not so awesome.


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