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Monday, November 11, 2013

4th Birthday Photo Overload

Raya had a lovely birthday on Sunday. We went to church, which she LOVES, played all afternoon, watched a Charlie Brown movie about the Mayflower, and had a little family party in the evening. I followed her around with the camera all day. *sigh* my baby is growing up...

Doing one of the things she loves best: stuffing dirt into a cap from one of her feeding pump bags

I ♥ this face!
After I made her change out of her pretty church clothes, we went out front and took a few pictures. Her auntie gave her this silk scarf for Christmas last year and she has decided recently that it is her cape, and she MUST wear it at all times. She LOOOOOOVES her scarf!
Aaaaaand then she pulls one of these on me:

I was in the kitchen working on dinner & cupcakes and turned around to see this:
She loves her Bubba!
Topping off her tank all by herself and trying to learn not to push the syringe plunger too fast
Play time with Daddy. Always loud & rowdy but pretty much their favorite thing to do.
Since it was Raya's birthday, we had what she wanted for dinner: tater tots, corn (with non-dairy, allergen-free "butter"), and bacon. She was so happy! The rest of us put cheese, sour cream & chili on our tater tots, which was delicious, and we had some biscuits too. Pretty tasty dinner. :)

After we cleaned up dinner, it was time for the much-anticipated chocolate cupcakes and coconut milk ice cream. Raya couldn't wait for everybody to have her special cupcakes! I was pretty excited with how everything turned out.
So was the birthday girl!
Girlfriend still can't make up her mind which hand she wants to eat with. On her birthday, it was her left hand.
I made some coconut milk ice cream in the Vitamix using canned coconut milk, sugar, ice, and vanilla. It was good and went well with the chocolate cupcakes, which did not taste like coconut even though they were made with coconut flour. I wouldn't have cared what they tasted like as long as Raya liked them. For months now, she's been talking about wanting chocolate cake for her birthday and I was worried/sad/stressed over thinking that I may not be able to deliver on that because of not having any grains in her diet right now, but thank goodness it worked out!
Kaida liked the cupcake & ice cream too :)

After dessert, she got to open her presents. She was so happy and so excited about every single thing and that made it really fun for everybody. She kept yelling, "OH, THIS IS MY FAVORITE! I LOVE THIS!" no matter what it was. Even the package of socks. :)

SuperGirl shirt for my super girl!

Both of her grandmas got her some cute new clothes. She modeled some of them for us and was SO excited about her new skirts. She's kind of in a skirt phase right now.

The kids got jammies on and played with some of Raya's new toys & read her new Jake and the Neverland Pirates book. (I can't stand that show but she LOVES it!)

I sure do love this girl! Happy 4th birthday, stinker pot! :)

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