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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The 3 Princesses Reunite

Remember these darling little princesses?

It's hard to believe but it has been 18 months since we took those pictures. A lot of things have happened since then, both good and not so good, but these little girlies are working hard and growing up and still as adorable as ever! Now that one of them has moved out of the state instead of just WAY across town, it's even harder to get together with Raya's little friends, so when we heard that she was going to be in town and they were all healthy enough to be around each other, we jumped at the chance for a quick get-together.

Raya and I made the long trek across Phoenix at rush hour to meet up with the other two families. Some of Phoenix's freeways are more harrowing to drive on at rush hour than others, and we were on one of the bad stretches. It was a bit nerve wracking until my right contact lens popped out of my eye. Then it was a bit terrifying, especially after getting out of the bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic onto the westbound surface street directly into the setting sun with one functioning eye and really bad depth perception, but we survived and made it there with just enough daylight left to snap a few pictures. I haven't had time to edit them yet so most of these are straight from the camera, but they're just so cute that I'm sharing them anyway. :) I sure do love these little girls!

I ♥ ♥ ♥ this picture!! I'm not even sure what they were
looking at but their facial expressions are priceless!
Can you believe how much they've grown up in 18 months?! They've all had bumps in the road medically in the last 18 months (one much more so than the others) but if you ask me, they all look amazing!

This last picture tugs at my heart strings every time I look at it. Last week, someone left comments on a couple of my YouTube videos that illustrated for me just how great the need for feeding tube awareness really is. Two of the videos were of me changing Raya's feeding tube, and the other was the video I made for Feeding Tube Awareness Week in 2012. The comments were to the effect that Raya shouldn't have a feeding tube because clearly, she's not disabled and that feeding tubes are only for the most disabled people. To this commenter and to anyone else who is under a similar understanding that feeding tubes are only for the severely disabled and dying, let this picture and these little girls be a lesson to you. For little children who can't or won't eat and for anyone who has lost the ability to swallow safely or eat enough to sustain life, feeding tubes are the giver of life!

In case you were wondering, Lily is pushing her TPN bag and feeding pump bag in a doll stroller. ADORABLE! It was so much fun to get the girls together for a little while and listen to them chatter, giggle, and play. We ♥ our friends and can't wait until next time!


  1. I love these girls and the pics turned out great!

  2. Brandis....
    Hi, my name is Raelyn, and I "know" one of these precious little girls!! Whitney!! We are Kindred Spirit CDH Friends!! What awesome pictures!! I love every single one!! ;)


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