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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Photo therapy

Today our morning started out like this:
Shoes off in the car on the way to school, refusing any attempts to help put shoes back on, refusing to get off the floor & get the feeding pump backpack on, crying, kicking, screaming, yelling at me, kicking my seat in the car all the way to school, trying to take off the pump backpack, and so on. No apparent reason for any of it. It was an ugly morning at preschool dropoff.

On mornings like this, I sometimes have to look at pictures that help me forget about the condition she was in when I left her at school. (Maybe I should send some to her teacher too.) Pictures like these help:

the "I was so tired I fell asleep with my backpack on" face
The post-op "they took my IV out too soon so I'm dehydrated & need more morphine" face
The "I had a major meltdown at church that was so bad Mommy had to bring me home early and then I wore myself out & fell asleep on the floor" face
The "Look, Mom! I'm eating pureed beans voluntarily and enjoying it!" face (haven't seen that face in a couple years)

The "I fell asleep sitting up" face
The "I have an ear infection so I'm just going to snuggle with the shampoo bottle" face
the "I'm cute even with this tube on my face" face
the "trying to say my own name but don't know what to do with my tongue" face
the "I'm gnawing on bacon and I LIKE it!" face
the "hospitals suck and I wore myself out fighting with nurses" face
the "no matter how hard I try, sometimes I accidentally snuggle with Mommy" face

And last but not least, who couldn't love this one:
The "Hey, you're a lot like me!" face

There. I feel better. Hopefully Raya has stopped throwing her fits and is having fun at school.

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