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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We were having such a good day...

Raya had a pretty dang awesome day today. She wanted food for breakfast so I decided to let her have eggs. She ate one whole egg, which is about 100 calories, which is FABULOUS. The best part was that she was really happy about eating breakfast, which gives me hope that someday I'll be able to get her to eat a decent amount of food before school.

She's been clearing her throat a lot, which is probably a combo of having a teensy bit of a runny nose left over from last week's preschool-acquired virus and reflux. She played happily most of the morning while I got some things done and then it was time to plug her in. (that's what she calls it when we connect her to the pump for formula) She had come in a few minutes earlier and said that her stomach hurt and asked for Tums, so she ate a hot pink Tums, which I forgot about until I started draining her stomach to see what was left of the eggs. I realize the picture I'm about to post is totally disgusting but imagine my shock when I draw back on the syringe expecting to get yellow egg goo and what comes out is hot pink.

Once we got the pump going, she decided that she wanted to put panties on. She had found a pair of training pants in her drawer last night and wore them around for a while last night, but I had no idea where they were. I asked her if she wanted to go to the store and buy some new panties and of course she was thrilled with that idea. :) We loaded up the two Tubie Friends that needed to be mailed and dropped them off at the post office on our way to the store.

Raya was cracking me up when we were looking at the underwear. For some reason, she kept talking about buying socks. I kept correcting her and saying we were there to pick out panties, but she was eye level with a bunch of socks and that's where her little mind stayed. We got some of the thick training pants and I let her pick out some pretty ones too. She picked ponies, which was not surprising at all, and was SO happy!
Someday she'll probably be mad at me for putting that picture on here but at least I have the restraint to not put a picture of her wearing all 6 pairs of underwear at the same time after we got home.

She actually did pretty darn good today too. She sat on the potty at least a dozen times and had one good...void. She could not WAIT for the big kids to get home from school so they could see her pretty new panties! After they got home, she went potty in the toilet and got to have Smarties. That wasn't enough for her though, she wanted to give all the other kids Smarties too so they could all celebrate together. :) She ran from room to room to give everybody a package of Smarties and tell them (very loudly) that everybody got to have Smarties because she peed in the potty! She also saved a package to give to Daddy when he got home from work. I ♥ her! She wore her panties from about 2:00 until just after 7:00 and only peed her pants once, right at 7:00. When I was changing her clothes, she said that the skin on her legs hurt. Some darling children who will remain unnamed gave her fries yesterday morning that had a seasoned coating on them with rice flour in it, so she's started to break out in a little rash on her back right where the diaper touches. (sounds odd but that's her typical reaction to eating rice, along with diarrhea & burned-looking skin...) Right then, I noticed that her eyes looked kind of watery and funny so I felt her head, and she most definitely had a fever. I don't know if it's another preschool virus or something else but SHEESH, she was having such a great day! My new goal for the school year is to make it for one whole week without the school nurse needing to call me and without Raya getting sick. (I wonder if we can put that goal in her IEP...) I took her temperature and it was 102.8. Of course her pump had JUST finished feeding her 250ml of formula with Duocal in it so now I'm crossing my fingers that she doesn't puke that up, but I don't want to drain it all out because that's lost fluid & calories. We'll be running Pedialyte tonight and having a slumber party in the living room.

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