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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Meetings and paperwork

The process of getting ready for school is winding down and Monday will be here before we know it. I've been a little stressed this week over preparing for our meetings with Raya's teacher and with the school nurse & district respiratory therapist (the one that does all the feeding tube training for the school nurses). I wanted to make sure we had everything typed out, written out, printed out, copies made for everybody, etc. so that eeeeeeeeeeverybody is on the same page about everything. We met with Raya's new preschool teacher on Wednesday and were able to explain Raya's main issues that will affect her at school (food allergies and tube feeding at school) and explain what frustrations we had with school last year that we're hoping to avoid this year. The meeting went well and Raya is VERY excited to get to go back to her new classroom on Monday. The school that the preschoolers will be at this year is brand new and still being worked on so hopefully things will be ready to go on Monday.

Thursday we met with the school nurse & respiratory therapist. That meeting also went well. They were very receptive to everything we talked about and were surprised by some of the problems we had last year with allergy precautions not being taken like they should have been. I gave them copies of Raya's medical history that I had typed up and copies of the troubleshooting guide for the Infinity pump since the district only had information about the Joey pump last year. I showed them the emergency G tube kit that will be kept in the health office (even though district employees aren't allowed to replace pulled out G tubes) and went over what other supplies I'll be bringing in for them to keep in the office. I had all the medical forms back from the doctor already so I gave them those, and they'll be sending me one more (hopefully only one more) to have filled out & signed by the doctor. It's pretty crazy the amount of paperwork it takes to get one little girl ready to go to preschool! We're very grateful for the opportunity she has to go though. She has done SO well with preschool so far and it's been really good for her developmentally. (and for my sanity)

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