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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last week of summer break

Our summer break is winding down. Wish I could say the same for summer but that will be hanging around until late October. :) Towards the end of the school year I saw an article online by a tired mom who talked about feeling like she was limping across the school year finish line. Sadly, that's how I feel about summer break. We have a short summer break here but we've been at home all summer and it's to got to play outside. We have the same kind of cabin fever that people in other climates have in the winter. We all love each other dearly but I think we're all ready for school to start. (except I've really enjoyed not having to get out of bed by any particular time in the morning...) We have a busy couple of days ahead of us. We have a meeting with Raya's teacher tomorrow to go over all of her medical needs. The theme of the meeting will lean heavily on emphasizing the importance of not having her do crafts or activities with food and not letting her eat anything I haven't sent in with her. I don't anticipate trouble with her G tube feeds at school because they won't have to touch her pump at all unless it beeps. (infinity pumps never beep at inconvenient times, right??) My biggest classroom concerns are Raya coming in contact with food she's allergic to and how they will handle an accidental g tube pull-out if it ever happens. As long as we see eye to eye on those two things, I think we'll have a good year. On Thursday, we're meeting with the new health aide from the new school, and some other members of the district health office. I'm not sure who all will be attending other than the district health supervisor and their respiratory tech. As a patent, you never know exactly what to expect from meetings like this and all you can do is be ridiculously, overly prepared. I will have handouts for everybody. I also picked up the stack of medical forms that they want filled out & signed by doctors and returned on Monday so we'll see if I can pull that off. There has to be a better way to get all this paperwork done than parents having to chase it down and scramble to get busy specialists to sign it by the first day of school but nobody has thought of one yet. We took what is probably our last swim of summer break today. The kids love swimming and we had the pool to ourselves.

This girl got worn out and had to try hard to stay awake long enough to eat her French fries. It was her first fries since January so she was really excited about them. She was so tired that she fell asleep with her backpack on while the kids watched Pink Panther cartons. (they think it's the funniest show ever. I don't get it.)

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