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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Having a better day...

My apologies to anyone who was unfortunate enough to read yesterday's emotional vomit episode. Things are much better today. My car still isn't fixed and nothing else has really changed either except that we were able to figure out how we could make some adjustments so that things will work out better for us and I'm just feeling better. Sometimes you just have to have a good meltdown. :)

We've had kind of a funny day today. Last night I could NOT figure out why Raya wasn't going to sleep. It was almost 10:30 before she fell asleep and she was SO fidgety that she literally could not be still for even 5 seconds right up until she fell asleep. It's sad to see how hard it is for her to calm and relax herself even when she's really tired. This morning, I walked into the kitchen and saw that the syringe of her "nigh-night medicine" on the counter. I was actually relieved because I was worried last night that it had suddenly stopped working for her or that I hadn't shaken the bottle good enough before I drew up the syringe full of it. This afternoon I realized that what had happened was that I had the medicine and water flush all ready to go and when she walked into the kitchen for me to give it to her, she pointed to her backpack and said, "Mommy, something's leaking." and her pump bag had popped. She said, "Well Mommy, I jee-YUST wanted to lay down!" So we had a discussion about how it's not a good idea to use the backpack as a pillow and I got completely distracted by cleaning that mess up and totally forgot to give her the medicine. All it takes is one night of missing the dose for us to be reminded just how much this medicine helps her and take away all feelings of guilt associated with using medicine to help her sleep. The up side was that this afternoon, she fell asleep on the way home from feeding therapy and ended up sleeping for about 90 minutes after we got home. (My very sweet friend was able to give us a ride since we are car-less for another week or so.) She even slept through the entire visit from her grandparents, including when Grandpa was deliberately trying to wake her up by rubbing his scruff on her cheek. :)

She did great at feeding therapy today. We packed her lunch in a paper bag (from the pharmacy, ha ha) and she was very excited to carry her lunch to therapy. She brought 1/2 of a medium sized red potato, half of a peach, and a box of grape Splash. She ended up eating about 3/4 of the half potato and ate about 1 1/2 slices of peach, and drank about 2 ounces of Splash and then she was FULL. We could see it in her face and by her body language that she needed to be done. She did really well with the peaches. I didn't expect her to eat much of it since the last time we gave it to her kind of went that way, but she really wanted to eat the potato so she had to eat bites of peach before she could get bites of potato. That worked pretty well. After the first couple of bites of peach, she decided they weren't so bad. She still prefers the potato though. :) I just realized that I forgot to check her stomach for residuals before I started her pump. Oops. I got an email today saying that insurance still hasn't authorized the botox injections for Friday so we may be postponing that. I hope not.

Well anyway, just wanted to say that things are going better today and I haven't completely lost my mind. :)

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