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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Alternative uses for medical supplies: Summer Edition

Summer is in full swing, and with a new season comes new opportunities to find creative ways to use surplus medical supplies. Sunday was Father's Day, so we set out late in the bright, sunny afternoon on the 1 hour drive to Grandma & Grandpa's house to celebrate. We weren't more than 15 minutes down the road when Donny's sunglasses spontaneously combusted on his face. Well, okay, they didn't catch on fire, but they might as well have. They just flat out fell apart. Donny can't function in sunlight without sunglasses on. He has very sensitive eyes. Our wedding pictures are proof of that. The outdoor pictures are a mixture of sunglasses and squinty eyes. He didn't want to wear mine, so I did the only thing I could do: whipped out a roll of medical tape and slapped those puppies back together.
Good as new. Not sure why he refused to wear them outside of the car...
Today was supposed to be pool day with friends from church. We were running a little late because we had to get our workout in first. (Billy Blanks' Tae Bo on YouTube. yeah baby.) After spending half an hour slathering my pasty white children (and self) with sunscreen, we were finally ready to go. We are once again without a car this week so we had to be not lazy and walk. It takes about 10 minutes to get there but it's friggin' hot outside so the only thing that makes it worth walking to the pool is cooling off in the pool before you have to walk home. Much to the dismay of my 4 eager-to-swim kiddos, the pool is closed today for repairs. Apparently the HOA couldn't have planned ahead well enough to do repairs BEFORE it got hot enough to swim. There was much whining and shuffling of feet on the way home, followed by some crying and more whining. Being the frugal person that I am, I didn't want to waste the sunscreen I had spent so much time putting on everyone so I decided to come up with a plan B.
First, we tried making a sprinkler out of a water bottle and 4 inch wide Durapore. It worked beautifully for about 5 seconds before the durapore stopped sticking and it flew apart.
Plan C: Milk jug + Durapore. Also worked beautifully for about 10 seconds before the durapore stopped sticking and it flew apart.
Plan D: Milk jug + latex strap from Bard catheter bag. (see, I knew I kept those straps for a reason...)
And that's how Mommy saved the day, with a little help from some medical tape, a milk jug with dozens of holes stabbed into it, and a latex strap from a catheter bag.

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