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Friday, May 17, 2013

Shtuff Raya says...

Ever heard the term "speech explosion" tossed around? We have most definitely experienced one of those in the past couple of months. We thought she was talking a lot and speaking really well and then all of a sudden, her articulation got a lot better and she has even more to talk about. Nonstop. All day long. We have officially entered the stage where I sometimes cringe when she talks in public because I don't know what's going to come out. It's okay with me though because even if she said something embarrassing, it would be worth the entertainment factor. I love the way her voice sounds and the way words sound when she says them (most of the time) and I love the stage she's at. She's come out with some real gems lately but I can never remember all of them when I want to.

I think I already shared this one but a few days ago, she and I were laying on the couch and Kaida was in her room having a moment of 5 year old drama. Raya sighed deeply and said, "Kaida is acting like a child." When I asked her where she got that, she said she heard it at preschool. That made me laugh too because preschool is a room full of children, so I doubt they would be saying that there. Kaida told me later that Raya heard it on the movie Brave.

The girls took a bath after we picked Raya up from school today and when I was getting Raya dried off, she was chattering about something. I can't remember what she was talking about now but she said, "...but it's not lame. And it's not hilarious. It's just perfect." A big part of what makes her so funny is the facial expressions and hand gestures that go with the things she's saying. She puts her hands up in the air a lot when she's talking. Lately, anytime one of the big kids gets upset with her about something, she puts one hand out and says, "Do you even LIKE me anymore?!"

In the past couple of weeks she's asked me several times, "Mommy, when is Dr. S going to say I can eat grapes?" She also likes to tell people that she's allergic to things but she can have pudding. If it's somebody we know, that's usually followed by them asking, "Isn't she allergic to milk?" I suppose someday if she's ever able to have real pudding, she will be shocked to realize that her "pudding" was not actually pudding. She'll probably hate the real stuff.

After they had their lunch today, they started arguing about something but I couldn't quite hear what it was. Then Raya started yelling at the top of her lungs, "I'M NOT RIDIC-LEE-US!!" over and over again. Ridiculous is one of her recent favorite words and I love how she says it. The fact that she was yelling it in an argument with her 5 year old sister made it even funnier. :)

She also likes to make her toys talk. And her hands. One of these days, I'll get a good video of her hands playing. She has one heck of an imagination when it comes to that. The added bonus is that we never lose them like kids can lose toys. She took toys with her to the doctor's office yesterday and played while we were in the waiting room. This video is a very mild and subdued moment compared to her usual energy level but it's still a pretty good representation of the way she plays, and the way she gets distracted in the middle of things. :) And for the record, one of the "toys" she's playing with is indeed a ponytail holder, and the ponytail holder was involved in the conversation with the dinosaur and the Squinky. She's THAT creative. :)

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  1. Henry's speech has cleared up a lot too since the start of the year. I can usually understand what he's saying while crying! The thing he says that geeks me out is 'like.' 'And then I was like, Antonio, NO! You can't drive backwards.' Or when dad asks him what he's eating and he tells him what it is and says, 'I asked my mom for [xy,z] and she was like, 'you have to pick up your shoes first.' They are so awesome at this age!


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