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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Raya's first day of Primary

Today was kind of a big day for Raya. For the first time ever, she was able to go to Primary at church. Kids normally start Primary the January after they turn 3. For several reasons, we have not been taking Raya to church since she was about 21 months old. We were fortunate enough to have a wonderful respite provider that was able to stay with her while we went to church. I have no doubt that keeping her home prevented her from catching a lot of colds & other yuckies and I'm grateful that we were able to do that. Now that cold & flu season is over and her previous respite provider left, we decided it was the perfect time to start bringing her to church. The last couple weeks we've taken her to the adult classes with us but she now has a new respite provider who was able to start today, so we were able to send her to Primary. (*happy dance*)

Things didn't start out too well. (hence the no pictures) As soon as she saw her new respite provider and we sat down at church, she started acting strange and buried her face in my lap. She wanted nothing to do with a new person. The 3 of us ended up going out in the foyer so that I could get Raya's feeding pump going and we could talk a little since today was her provider's first day working with her. When it was time, we went down the hall to the Primary room and introduced Raya and her respite provider to the teacher & the people in charge. Raya was clinging to me and crying but I had to leave to teach another class so I peeled her off and handed her over. She cried for a few minutes but got over it and ended up having a great time. I know she'll love it, and I'm SO glad we were able to find a provider that can come with us to church to keep her calm and keep the pump from disrupting the whole class when it beeps. Which, by the way, it did do during the last part of church. We're having a bad Infinity day today.

When we came home this afternoon, I got out my Tubie Friends supplies so we could make a few. Some will be mailed to kids in different parts of the US and one in New Zealand, and some will be delivered to our GI office when we go in for Raya's weight check this week. The kids LOVE helping me with them. It's more work to do it that way but it's good for them to help and they get really excited because they know that the teddy bears will make other kids happy.
Raya was in charge of picking out G tubes to put into the animals. She was cracking me up because she kept trying to close all of them and it was driving her crazy that every G tube in the bag was open and wouldn't stay closed. (you have to get the cap wet if you want it to stay closed, by the way) She finally gave up and started playing with the little bits of stuffing that were all over the place instead.

Occasionally I make a plug for Tubie Friends so this is it. A Tubie Friend is a stuffed animal that can be customized to closely match the child's medical condition. They can have G tubes, J tubes, GJ tubes, NG tubes, ports, trachs, and other medical devices. If you or someone you know has a child who could benefit from a Tubie Friend, visit the website at and click "Need Tubie Friends?" at the bottom of the page. That link will take you to the online form that you'll need to fill out in order to get one. They are provided free of charge to the child. If you have it in your heart to help children receive these animals, visit the website and click "Support Tubie Friends" at the bottom of the page. Donations are used to provide animals for children who request them online. If you would rather have your donation provide animals to your local children's hospital, contact me through the email listed on the blog or contact tubiefriends{at}gmail{dot}com to find out how to donate in your local area.

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  1. I was playing the piano in primary and Raya and her respite lady were sitting right on the other side of the piano so I saw them a bit. I had no idea they had just met! Seemed like they were old buddies. And the woman has a great singing voice too.


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