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Friday, April 26, 2013


Normally I don't care that much when it's Friday. Don't get me wrong, Fridays are lovely, but it's usually not that big of a deal. Today though, I'm SO glad it's Friday. Donny didn't have to work until 4pm so he didn't leave at 5:30 in the morning like he usually does and was here to help get the kids off to school. I didn't have to take Raya to school, and Donny took her to therapy so that I could go take my midterm, which I totally smoked. (go me!) Now it's quiet and the kids are at least pretending to be in bed, so I can relax and attempt to catch up on some projects & house cleaning that have gone by the wayside this week while I was studying.

Raya has had a better week this week than she did last week. Wednesday morning, I walked into the kitchen and she looked up at me with puffy chipmunk cheeks and a guilty look on her face. I asked her what was in her mouth and she just looked at me. I squeezed her cheeks so I could see into her mouth and a row of Honey Nut Cheerios smiled back at me. (really, they looked like holy teeth. it was weird.) I hurried and took her over to the garbage can and told her to spit them out. She hurried and swallowed them. (of course) Ugh. Remember how she's allergic to oats and nuts? I warned her teacher when I dropped her off that she had been impulsively eating things off of the floor at home and she promised to watch her closely. Thankfully she didn't seem to have any reactions to them. Stinker.

When I picked her up from school on Wednesday, she got upset with me because I didn't let her open the car door by herself. Never mind the fact that she can barely reach the handle, let alone exert enough force to actually open the door. She cried all the way home and then after I closed the car doors and went in the house, she stayed in the garage for 10 minutes trying to open the door.
Finally, I told her I was going to turn off the lights. That didn't help, so I turned off the lights and told her I was going to close the door. She said, "Hey! That would scare me!" To which I replied, "Then come in the house!" and she did but she was not happy about it.

About 5 minutes later, her sweet, wonderful respite provider (who will be leaving us soon) arrived. When Raya heard the doorbell ring, she perked up and said, "Is it MEGAN!?" Then she remembered she was supposed to be pouting and started pouting again. Playing with Megan always makes her happy though. They played outside in the nice weather for a while, read books on the back porch, and played with Legos.

The big kids got out of school early on Wednesday so they were home all afternoon to play with the girls after Megan left. I decided to be a super cool mom and let the kids play syringe water fight again. Then I was even more awesome and let them have popsicles while they dried off.
Raya's is a homemade Splash-sicle and she doesn't care that hers is different from theirs, she's just happy to have a popsicle. (whew!)

Thursday wasn't too exciting. We had OT with a different therapist since ours is still out of town. The girls LOVED it. She taught them some deep breathing exercises, stretching, and yoga.

 Excuse the blur, she was leaning over to blow bubbles.

The rest of the day, the girls rotted their minds in front of the TV while I studied for midterms. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. On the bright side, I got an A. :)

After I got home from the testing center today, I let the kids play out in front of the house. They love riding their scooters & bikes out front so occasionally I let them. Today, they rode scooters. It's hard work for Raya but she likes it.

Then I was the mean mom that made the kids come in and clean their rooms. Of course as soon as I left the room, the goofing around started. One thing led to another and the next thing I know, someone's yelling, "Mommy, Raya's getting wet!" Aaaaand her extension tube had come unclamped while she was roughhousing with her brother.
She and the entire living room smelled like stomach and a lot of the formula she'd had & the Splash she'd been drinking at therapy came back out. I got her cleaned up, fed the big kids dinner, and then let them watch something on Netflix once they had jammies on. Raya fell asleep on the couch so I left her there and then had a nice little snuggle with her before I put her in bed. I love those little sleep snuggles!

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