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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sleeping funny and staying busy

Trying to catch up on sleep is hard when you don't go to bed at night. Little missy has found that out the hard way. She was up much too late Sunday night (in spite of her medicine) and after she had finally gone to sleep and her pump had finished running for the night, I was able to get her back into her bed without waking her up. I don't know what time, but sometime between 1 and 5 am, she climbed into bed with us. What was even more shocking was the fact that she slept until 8:20. I sent the big kids to school on the bus and let her sleep until she woke up on her own. It was a beautiful thing.
She didn't want to go to school but I didn't want her to think that she can just tell me she wants to stay home and then get to stay home, so I made her go anyway. She was an hour and 15 minutes late to school (which is only 2 1/2 hours long anyway) but she was happy to be there.

Last night was another off night for her and she fell asleep on the couch again. I don't know how she can sleep like this:

This morning, she slept until 7:30. (school starts at 7:45) I had everything ready so that as soon as she woke up, all I'd have to do is get her dressed. Ha ha. That was easier said than done. She did NOT want to get dressed or go to school. I did get her ready though and she was only 20 minutes late to school today instead of 75. Tomorrow, maybe we'll be on time. 

She was in a great mood this afternoon. In spurts, anyway. We met up with some friends from church for a park day and I think she got overheated. It was a gorgeous day outside but she just seems to overheat easily. She was a little upset when we got home because I let the girls watch a movie and Kaida picked it out, but then they played with Legos for a while and were very sweet to each other. Then they started fighting so I offered to let them do dishes. :) They LOVE doing dishes and sometimes they even get some of the dishes clean. I needed to wash all of Raya's formula containers & the popsicle molds I've been using with Neocate Splash because it all gets an oily residue if it doesn't get scrubbed really well and the dishwasher doesn't get it clean. I threw all of it in the sinks (divided up evenly, of course) and let them have at it. They were so cute. I came in the kitchen to fix Raya's beeping feeding pump once and Raya said, "Mommy, I'm making Kaida some chicken nuggets!" and Kaida said, "Yeah, and I'm making her some pudding! It's a different flavor she never had flavor." Food made out of dish soap bubbles. Melt my heart. :)

They played in the sink for a good solid 2 hours before I sent Kaida off to help clean her room and told Raya it was time to be done. When most of the water was out of her sink, she realized she wasn't going to be able to rinse the bubbles off of her arms. Here she is, very calmly saying, "Mommy, I need my arms clean. Mommy, I need my arms clean. Mommy, I need my arms clean. MOMMY, I NEED MY ARMS CLEAN." 
She's come a LOOOOOOOONG way when it comes to getting messy, but sometimes she still gets a little freaked out by certain things, especially when she doesn't feel like she's in control. I rinsed her arms off and then she started picking at her shriveled up little fingers.
 I thought she might get upset about them but she seemed to like it. She had to run and show everybody her wrinkly hands. 

She was such a chatterbox today. She kept popping out with funny questions and saying things that made everybody laugh. I was talking to one of the big kids and Raya walked in, said, "Mommy, I need to ask you something." (repeated several times until I acknowledged her) I asked what she needed to ask me and she said, "When I'm a grown-up, can I do stuff?" To which I replied, "Yes." She smiled and ran out of the room and said, "Kaida! Mommy said when I'm a grown-up I can DO STUFF!" Such a funny girl!

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