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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

who needs sleep anyway

It's rapidly approaching 1:00 in the morning and it looks like Raya and I will be spending another night on the couch. I was just about to crawl into bed after what proved to be a very long and exhausting day with a toddler that doesn't realize that when she stays home sick from school, she's supposed to be lethargic and sleep on the couch all day long, and her jealous big sister who also has a yucky stuffy head. Last night we stayed on the couch (notice I did not use the word ”slept”) because she couldn't breathe laying flat and also because she went to asleep on the couch and sometimes it's just not worth moving her. So yeah, after the incessant coughing all night long and seeming to feel miserable all night, I thought maybe she'd be a little more on the calm side today. Clearly that thought was the product of lack of sleep and the cold I have now caught that I've been praying all day was just allergies. Gosh I wish it was just allergies. It's definitely not thogh, darn it. Just add I was about to crawl into bed, Raya started coughing really badly so I checked her and rubbed some herbal crap on her chest and after that, she wouldn't stay in her bed so we're back on the ol' couch. I learned the hard way not to have my head near hers while sleeping, so we're laying at opposite ends of the couch and she's snoring and hugging my foot like a teddy bear. (it's clean, don't worry) Every now and then she'll stir a little and start rubbing and patting my foot, and then she'll hug it. It melts my heart and oddly enough, it doesn't tickle. I routinely stay up too late but it's because it's so peaceful after the kids are in bed. (peaceful is not the same as quiet, they pretty much all snore) It's late night snuggles with this busy toddler that keep me from going to sleep some nights though, and I'll gladly take that over sleep. Sometimes. (easy to say at 1:00 in the morning, not so much at 6 when they all start waking up...)

On a happier note, Raya got a very cute new backpack in the mail today. (I will probably be doing a separate post about it on another day) My very sweet friend Danielle sent it, and getting it totally made Raya's day. She wanted to put it on right there even though she was already wearing a backpack. :) After I let her try it on, we HAD to switch her pump into the new backpack for the rest of the day. I thought the sunglasses and Angry Birds tattoos were a nice touch. Also on the bright side, my new phone battery came today. I've been playing like it's 1990 and only using my phone when it was plugged into the wall for the past few days because that's the only way it would work. The new case came to so I don't have to keep pinching my hand in the cracked one. I also cooked dinner and it was quite delicious in spite of the children trying really hard to keep me too distracted to finish, and it was delicious. Those were the highlights of my day. Here's hoping for a good enough night's sleep and improvement in the ear infections enough to get her to preschool in the morning so Mommy doesn't go crazy. :)

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